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Sale of historic letters now off

...part of a larger auction scheduled for July 14 at the All-Star Game's Fan Fest in St. Louis. New York Public Library spokeswoman Heidi Singer declined to comment, citing the investigation. The library's collection originally contained four...
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...drawing a big crowd to the annual event's final night. "He's been one of our most requested authors," said library spokeswoman Rita Rouse. "We have tried to get him for not quite as long as Novello's been around, but close to it. He's...
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Public Libraries Debating How to Handle Access to Net Pornography

...Angeles counties. But other librarians support controls. "We said, `Wait a minute,"' says Orlando, Fla., library spokeswoman Marilyn Hoffman. "We're all for intellectual freedom and freedom of information, (but) we don't consider...
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...attic. The book is a collection of plays, prose, and poetry. She brought it back to the library in March. Library spokeswoman Denise Stankovics said the library had no idea that the book was missing from the collection. Though missing for...
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