Liberia rebels agree to withdraw from vital port

MONROVIA, Liberia -- Rebels laying siege to Liberia's capital signed a pledge Tuesday to withdraw from Monrovia's...Taylor went into exile after 14 years in power that left Liberia in ruins. But any joy at the ex-warlord's downfall was...

Liberia's Taylor goes into long-awaited exile

MONROVIA, Liberia -- Indicted war criminal and former warlord...exhorting the international community to help Liberia: "We beg of you, we plead with you...looting, are accused by rights groups and Liberia's people of routine rape, robbery...

Man travels home to bring ministry to Liberia

The son of Liberia's longest-serving president says he's...spent mostly in the United States after Liberia's civil war started in 1989. "I'm...believe that I have a great task to do in Liberia when the time comes, when we begin to...

Nigerian president to discuss asylum with Liberia's leader during visit, official says

MONROVIA, Liberia -- The leader of Nigeria is coming this...temporary asylum as a step toward ending Liberia's civil war, an official said. With...military and diplomatic heavyweight - and Liberia over an asylum offer. The White House...

Rebels lift siege of Liberia's capital, U.S. Marines land

MONROVIA, Liberia -- Rebels lifted their two-month siege of Liberia's starving capital Thursday, and dozens more U...out, U.S. military helicopters touched down at Liberia's main airport, ferrying in what was to be 200 Marines...

Aid groups rush supplies to Liberia as hunger grips capital amid reports of countryside fighting

MONROVIA, Liberia -- Humanitarian aid trickled into Liberia's devastated capital by plane and boat Saturday, a...out of Monrovia to reach 1 million to 2 million needy in Liberia's interior, where fighting continues between rebels...

Carter ends Liberia trip with praise

MONROVIA, Liberia -- Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter ended a two-day visit Saturday to Liberia, where he praised progress made by the...conference. While the violence that tore at Liberia from 1989-1996 is over, Mr. Taylor's...

Disbelief, doubt greet U.S. peace deployment after bloody Liberia attack

MONROVIA, Liberia -- The bloodiest barrage in days sent...Bush's order of ships and troops to Liberia's coast was broadcast over the radio...pressed home their 3-year war to drive out Liberia's warlord-turned-president, Charles...

Liberia's president vows to fight to last man in battle for Monrovia

MONROVIA, Liberia -- As rebels fought their way into Liberia's war-torn capital, embattled President Charles Taylor...Because the fighting men and women of the armed forces of Liberia feel my departure is ultimately what ... is going to...

U.S. forces may keep peace in Liberia

...200 American troops could move ashore in Liberia if rebels fighting there abandon the country's...carrying about 2,300 Marines await off Liberia's shore. The force would be the largest...carrying about 2,300 Marines await off Liberia's shore. Officials have repeatedly...