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Mercury to be encapsulated

...project would cost about $1 million and is less likely to recirculate mercury into the river than excavation, said Lenny Scott, former manager of Olin's Augusta plant, who now is the company's technology director. The cleanup could begin...
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Augusta's Olin must go mercury-free

...efficiency - it is truly a wonder that the company has not switched its facility already. When responding to the report, Lenny Scott, technology director at Olin, underscored the message of the report by telling The Chronicle that the company has...
Releases of mercury by chemical plant criticized

...only seven manufacturing sites nationwide where mercury-cell technology remains in use to make chlorine, she said. Lenny Scott, the manager of Olin's Augusta plant, noted that his facility has a strong safety record and disputed that local...
Student detects mercury

...determine whether the mercury levels pose any hazard to fish or the nearby river. A message left for Olin Plant Manager Lenny Scott was not returned Wednesday. Mercury is categorized as a persistent bio-accumulative toxic because it can build up...
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Mercury-using plant criticized

...such plants typically use 15 percent to 30 percent less electricity and can increase production of chlorine fivefold. Lenny Scott, the manager of Olin's Augusta plant, noted that his facility had the lowest mercury emissions of the nine plants...
Group wants plant rules

...including Georgia, monitor mercury levels in fish, which store mercury in their bodies. Olin's Augusta plant manager, Lenny Scott, said company officials were aware of the lawsuit but referred further questions to Elaine Patterson, a corporate...
Analysis targets Olin plant compliance with its state and federal operating permits and already has taken steps to reduce mercury emissions. Lenny Scott, Olin's technology director, said in a telephone interview Wednesday that the company has invested more than $48...
Rally pushes for halt to release of mercury

...plant discharges only one-third of what the government allows for water and 40 percent of what is allowed for air," Lenny Scott, Olin's technology director, said in an e-mail. "Total mercury emissions are down 87 percent since 1987...