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Catastrophic road to debt: We had better bite the bullet before it bites us

For decades, leftist politicians have made one point clear: They are the exclusive occupants of the higher moral ground of compassion for the less fortunate, though...
Rants & Raves

...our "Therapy" pup. SOMETHING TO PONDER! Our leftist politicians are making every effort to move our nation toward...jailed for an indeterminate time. So are the leftist politicians planning on finally closing the border when the...
A 'values' comeback

...tragedy shows gun control won't fix this nation's malaise. But it's encouraging when even our most secular, leftist politicians finally admit the culture has gone too far in proscribing religion from public debate.
Opinion columns
German Internet law gains passage

...prosecutors have been in the forefront of attempts to rein in the globe-spanning free-for-all on the Internet. A leftist politician, Angela Marquardt, was charged with helping others learn how to commit crimes by linking her Internet site to...
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