Beware the Olympic sneeze

While a few lucky Americans are coming home from Sydney with the gold, quite a few more could return with a cold - or worse yet, the flu.

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Conquistadors likely brought ulcer bug

Along with smallpox and measles, it appears that the Spanish Conquistadors brought the bacterium that causes stomach ulcers to the New World, according to a genetic study.

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Age doth not wither nor custom stale cow clone cells

Unlike Dolly the sheep, cloning of cows does not seem to speed up the aging process of cells, according to a new study.\r

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Another way to clean your teeth

...is working with colleagues in Sudan in a study to compare the oral health of chewing-stick users with nonusers. (Lee Bowman covers health and science for Scripps Howard News Service. E-mail BowmanL@shns.com)

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Neural link to smells found

Researchers for the first time have linked the loss of smell with a brain protein associated with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, offering the prospect of a smell test to aid in detecting and tracking illness.

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Discovery could help people survive heart attacks

...arrhythmias and other cardiac diseases." On the Net: www.sciencemag.org www.cardiobiology.jhmi.edu (Contact Lee Bowman at BowmanL(at)shns.com or online at http://www.shns.com)

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Identifying diabetic kids with high risk of complication

More than 1 million American children have juvenile diabetes, which is caused when the pancreas produces little or no insulin. While most youngsters can manage the disease with insulin injections, diet and exercise, some remain at particularly high risk of developing life-threatening complications.

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A weak-to-moderate El Nino is expected

Government forecasters say that a weak-to-moderate El Nino event is expected to continue developing over the next six to nine months, with global weather effects likely to be considerably less pronounced than during that last warm-up of the tropical Pacific.

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Women live longer with mild depression in old age

Chin up, positive mental attitude, keep plugging along, don't let it get ya down.

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Why a little bacteria is good for you

A man-made version of bacterial DNA allowed mice to fight off a form of inflammatory bowel disease, researchers report in a new study.

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