Lecturers without tenure get boost

...universities to place more nontenured lecturers in undergraduate teaching roles. But at the University of Georgia, lecturers who are not on a tenure track comprise...provost. UGA currently has only 41 lecturers out of 3,000 faculty members...

Is tenure-track faculty better?

...have two points concerning Kate Carter's Aug. 10 story, "Lecturers without tenure get boost," which is about the Georgia Board...increased by five-fold the number of non-tenure track lecturers allowed to teach at state universities. First, after quoting...

Across Georgia

Board expands role of nontenured lecturers ATLANTA -The University System's Board...its universities to use more nontenured lecturers for undergraduate teaching, but Chancellor...research and regional universities can use lecturers for up to 2 percent of faculty-equivalent...

Winning tough - it's all part of the drill at UConn, La Tech

PITTSBURGH -- They could be guest lecturers in Tough Love 101, coaches who inspire equal measures of dedication and dread, familiarity and fear, allegiance and angst...

College basketball
FDA urges caution with laser pointers

...that children may be risking their eyesight if they play with hand-held laser pointers that are popular with teachers and lecturers. The light energy that laser pointers emit can be more damaging than staring directly into the sun, the FDA said Thursday...

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British teachers warn of test stress danger to pupils

...such pressure that it won't be long before schools report test-induced pupil suicides, the Association of Teachers and Lecturers has warned. The association's annual conference in Belfast unanimously passed a motion earlier this week objecting to the...

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Rants & Raves

...Simply put, A big rave and THANKS!!!! OBAMA WILL RELEASE 6,000 felons from prison. Whose side is Obama on? A YALE LECTURER says looting, as in Ferguson, is a "protest." Is that what colleges teach? THE INK HAS NOT dried on the Rain Tax, and...

Major general to speak about cybersecurity ethics

...focusing on his experience developing "cyber policies." Davis' speech is part of the Rus sell A. Blanchard Dis ting uished Lecturer in Ethics series, sponsored by Georgia Bank and Trust and the Hull College of Business at Augusta University. The series...

Senior cyber adviser to address Augusta university

...Department of Defense, will address "Ethics in a Cyber World" next week as part of The Russell A. Blanchard Distinguished Lecturer in Ethics series at Augusta University.The free lecture will take place at 6 p.m. on Oct. 8 at the Jaguar Student Activities...

Drought then flood wipe out crops across South Carolina

...a disaster area because of the extreme dry conditions. (South Carolina has 46 counties.)Stephen Slice is an economics lecturer for the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina and just retired from the Farm Service Agency...