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Augusta leash law applies to all pets; needs enforcement Most communities have a leash law for good reasons. Unfortunately...have had similar experiences. The leash law is very specific. It does not exclude...ears. From experience I know that leash-law violators feel that it is their God-given...
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Blasts Columbia Co. leash-law scofflaws

I am sure this will come as a great surprise to many of you Columbia Countians, but there is a leash law, and you are expected to obey it. Once again, the law-abiding citizens are suffering because of the law breakers. We cannot...
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I've seen what can happen when leash laws disobeyed

...Richmond County friends and neighbors to comply with the leash law for their dogs, particularly when they take them out...people. Be safe instead of sorry, and please obey the leash law, which is there for a good reason. Marian Moseley...
Augusta teenager dies after being struck by car

...Collins was taken to Georgia Regents Hospital, where he succumbed to the injuries about 7:15 p.m.The driver of the Acura was not charged.Robyn Gledhill, the dog's owner, was issued a citation for a violation of the state leash law.
4 teens struck on Richmond County roads since Thursday

...driver of the Acura was not charged but the dog's owner, Robyn Gledhill, was cited for a violation of the Georgia leash law.Demonta was attending a birthday party next to Gledhill's house when the dog approached him in what another neighbor...
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...The speed limit is 25/20, and most people on Teakwood Drive run 45-plus mph. Keep up the good work. THERE IS A leash law in Harlem; however, it does not appear to apply to the first lady of Harlem. YOUR FRONT-PAGE story about a sickle...
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RANT TO COLUMBIA COUNTY Animal Control. Is there a leash law in Co lumbia County or not? For years we have put up with the animals of uncaring owners, and for years we have followed the...
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...kept in your yard or on a leash. This includes cats. Cats stink, leave deposits in flower beds and kill birds. The leash law is there for a reason. Obey the law and keep your cats and dogs in your yard. WASHINGTON STATE has made it legal to...
Leash law applies to cats, too

Regarding L. Deslandes' Feb. 8 letter about neighbors trapping cats. I sympathize very much with her about her missing cats, but there are leash laws for a reason. I do not know what leash laws exist in North Augusta, but the law in Evans includes cats.
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Backs leash law and stiff fines

I am a pet owner and see lots of dogs running wild. My dogs get their shots every year, and when they are sick they go to the vet. When we go away, I pay for them to be cared for.Mary Reese, Thomson