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Wine Time: Dow's 2009 Late Bottled Vintage Port, Portugal

If you want to try a really good Port, you could start with Dow's Late Bottled Vintage (LBV) Port. It has all the characteristics of a fine vintage Port at a fraction of the price. It is a favorite on restaurant wine lists.
Strides toward safety

ATLANTA - Jim Hunter, NASCAR's voice of reason, walked to the Talladega (Ala.) Superspeeday podium Sunday afternoon, looked squarely at the sport of stock car racing without blinking, and told the truth. The rules at Talladega and Daytona International Speedway create more havoc than they solve. The drivers know it, the car owners know it, the fans know it, and the sanctioning body, who knew it all along, finally accepted responsibility for its thinking. Then it promised changes.
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Business briefs

Greenfield board declares dividend Evans-based Greenfield Industries announced that its board has declared a quarterly dividend of 5 cents per share payable on March 30 to common shareholders of record as of March 10. Also, Greenfield Capital Trust, a subsidiary of Greenfield, announced that it will make a regular distribution of 6 percent on its convertible preferred securities, payable on March 31 to holder of record on March 28. Greenfield's stock is traded on the Nasdaq market. USAir becomes US Airways
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"Billionaire coach" at Coastal Carolina proves critics wrong with playoff bid

Plenty of people questioned Coastal Carolina when the school hired the man nicknamed the "Billionaire Coach." But Coastal Carolina (7-4) won an automatic bid to the playoffs in his first year.
2002: A wild ride

We made it through - and in pretty decent shape, considering all that happened in 2002.
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Computer Associates offers $9 billion for Computer Sciences

NEW YORK -- The world's biggest maker of business software, Computer Associates International Inc., said today it has offered $9 billion in cash for Computer Sciences Corp. Computer Sciences generated more than $5.3 billion last year from providing services for various business and government systems. Computer Associates' revenue was $4.5 billion, mostly from products that help companies manage and store data on networks of computers. The combined company would employ over 50,000 people and generate annual revenues of $11 billion a year, Computer Associates said.
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3Com buying U.S. Robotics for $6.6 billion

CHICAGO - 3Com Corp., a maker of computer networking products, is buying modem maker U.S. Robotics for $6.6 billion as the two seek to become a leader in the business of connecting computers. The deal announced Wednesday combines two of the biggest players in the networking business, which has grown quickly and become a bigger part of computing with the emergence of the Internet.
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Economic data go well with a good whine

Whine and ye shall receive.Just a couple of weeks ago I was lamenting how there is nobody in the area doing comprehensive market research on the local economy and how that lack of research prevents business leaders, local policy makers ? and lowly business journalists ? from gauging the true state of economic affairs.A few days later, my phone rang. It was Marc Miller, the dean of Augusta State University's Hull College of Business, telling me that my lament (on economic research, anyway) would soon be a thing of the past.