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...Otherwise, the engine's exhaust was nearly clean. One other thing was that the only fuel it could not burn was leaded gas, the most readily available automotive fuel source at the time. The lead deposits were apparently lethal to the turbine's...
What is it?

...a Deux Chevaux; had about a 475-cc engine (about 29 cubic inches). It used to get about 60 miles per gallon on leaded gas." NORTH AUGUSTA: Jacquie Hamilton; Monte Steedley ; and Anthony Stubblefield TRENTON, S.C.: Dave Willis...
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...the official supplier want the sanctioning body to consider unleaded fuels. Cars and trucks in NASCAR currently use leaded gas. Converting to unleaded would require a major change in the way engines are constructed since lead is used as a lubricant...
Link indicated between lead exposure, homicide soil or water, since that information wasn't available for all the counties. The EPA has determined that since leaded gas has been eliminated, most of the lead in the air now comes from smelters, battery plants and other industrial plants...
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...the first of four during which NASCAR will test the use of unleaded fuel in stock cars. The sanctioning body will evaluate the performance of the fuel following those races with the hope of switching from leaded gas to unleaded in the future.