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Caring for conjoined twins who await still more surgery a challenge to specialist caregivers

...vessels surrounding them. They still share one major vein, which is set to be divided in the next procedure. The lead surgeon, Dr. James Goodrich, said if the blood vessel work goes smoothly, doctors may complete the separation of the brothers...
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Patient regains normal voice after larynx transplant

...of Medicine. "Your voice is you. Now he has his back," said Dr. Marshall Strome of the Cleveland Clinic, the lead surgeon. Heidler, of Duncansville, Pa., was 40 when he had the operation. He had been unable to speak normally for 20...
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No Speed Limits on Internet2

...corporations. Johnson will be virtually transported to a Columbus operating room, where he will commune in real time with the lead surgeon through a pioneering research and education computer network scheduled to be launched Wednesday. Its creators hope...
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Atlanta nurse donates kidney to patient

...instruments, and Adele playing faintly in the background. Batson is positioned on her side. Dr. Nicole Turgeon, the lead surgeon, is part of a team of doctors and nurses in the operating room. The surgery lasts an hour and a half. After being...
Coach, player share a bond after gift of life

...Jordan's father Keith told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from Atlanta.Dr. Kenneth Newell, the lead surgeon on the team that removed Walter's kidney, said in a statement issued Tuesday by Wake Forest that he expects Walter...
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Surgery erases man's disease

...McMurrain's pancreas was too inflamed to continue the procedure. Mr. McMurrain said he learned later that the lead surgeon, David Crist, told the doubtful surgeon he felt "led by the Holy Spirit to continue." He partially credits his...
Surgery restores degenerating vision

...other ones which basically stabilize the process," said Dr. Bradley Hinz, who has assisted in the operations. The lead surgeon is Dr. Eugene de Juan, who has performed the operation -- called macular translocation -- on 43 patients in the...
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