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Error in autopsy leads judge to overturn plea

COLUMBIA -- A judge has overturned the guilty plea of a Columbia man in the death of his girlfriend because of a typo in the victim's autopsy report that the judge called a "glaring error."
Another gift for today

...tiresome" and mis- guided. "The First Amendment does not demand a wall of separation between church and state," writes lead Judge Richard Suhrheinrich. "Our nation's history is replete with governmental acknowledgement and, in some cases, accommodation...
'American Idol' host says judge Cowell is pompous, arrogant

SINGAPORE -- Ryan Seacrest, the host of television hit "American Idol," said the show's lead judge Simon Cowell is arrogant and pompous and says things that are "too harsh," a report said Wednesday. But Seacrest added that...
Terrorist attacks lead judge to postpone Al-Amin trial

ATLANTA - Last week's terrorist attacks led a Fulton County judge Monday to postpone the death penalty trial of Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, a controversial Muslim leader accused of killing an Atlanta policeman. "We can never expect a jury to be drawn in an emotionless vacuum," Superior Court Judge Stephanie Manis said before delaying the trial, set to start this week, until Jan. 7. Judge Manis said the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks, in which Islamic extremists are considered prime suspects, combine with Mr. Al-Amin's outspoken faith to create "a unique situation."
Officials making progress, but jail still overcrowded every Friday so people can plead guilty and get their cases over with if they want. Following Judge Fleming's lead, Judge Albert M. Pickett cracked the whip earlier this month and all but about a quarter of the 78 people scheduled for trial...