SC lawmakers debate how to best use tax windfall

COLUMBIA - South Carolina's economic advisers officially certified Friday a windfall in tax collections, giving legislators an additional $300 million in discretionary spending.

Costa Pleicones become South Carolina's first new chief justice in 15 years

COLUMBIA - South Carolina lawmakers elected Supreme Court associate justice...The under-the-radar lobbying of lawmakers by judges and their supporters has...Martin, R-Pickens.By custom, lawmakers have elevated the longest serving...

SC parks proposal targets Augusta

COLUMBIA - Hoping to lure hunters from Augusta, lawmakers in South Carolina have carved out $700,000 in the state...piece of land and hunt the birds without a guide, said the lawmaker."You could draw a lot of out-of-staters from the...

S.C. Senate takes up road funding bill at last

...bill, enabling the Senate to officially ? after weeks of talking about it ? take up the issue that business leaders and lawmakers of both parties have called a top priority for the session.An emergency Senate GOP caucus meeting Tuesday provided no resolution...

Ex-South Carolina state Sen. Ford sentenced to probation

...After his plea, Ford said he only pleaded guilty to avoid the costs of a trial and had been the victim of a witch hunt by lawmakers eager to run him out.Ford could have faced more than a decade in prison. The misconduct charge, while technically a misdemeanor...

Expiration date

...Washington has the opportunity to let it go away by not reauthorizing it on its June 30 expiration date.It's an opportunity lawmakers from both sides of the aisle should take.By now, representatives know the bank does a poor job at what its champions claim...

Government | The Augusta Chronicle

...government campus will add $31,078 to demolition costs, which Historic Augusta has agreed to pay to save the building. Lawmakers requested guidance from the state attorney general to determine if it would be unconstitutional if a for-profit company...

New York weighs letting dogs enter outdoor dining areas

...health officials' group is against it, and at least one lawmaker is raising questions.American public health officials have...banning dogs from the furniture, among other provisions.The lawmakers, who don't have dogs, stress that restaurants could decide...

Senate Republicans meet in secret after Davis' filibuster against gas tax increase continues

...final five regular days of the session if necessary to stop lawmakers from raising the gas tax to fix roads.Davis thinks South...Davis' last day to filibuster one way or the other, warning lawmakers to bring their pajamas. But there were no moves to get Davis...

Guidance sought on oil pipeline in SC

Five South Carolina lawmakers requested guidance from the state attorney general this week to determine whether it would be unconstitutional for a for-profit...