Senators consider how to attract, keep teachers in South Carolina

...Hampton, the president of the South Carolina Education Asso ciation, took a more critical tactic.She laid much of the blame on state lawmakers, saying they haven't supported teachers or adequately funded public schools for decades.

FIFA-Russia relations hit snag

...Airlines passenger jet in eastern Ukraine last month, suspected to involve pro-Russian separatists, fueled calls from western lawmakers for FIFA to move the tournament elsewhere.Blatter has dismissed those calls, and was joined by UEFA President Michel Platini...

How much should we pay for convicting wrong guy?

...50,000 for each year of undeserved imprisonment. Georgia lawmakers used the same process for some of the six getting compensation...whatever it wants.In the case of three of the men, Georgia lawmakers said the money flow ends if the men are convicted of any crime...

Georgia lawmakers consider standard payout for people wrongfully convicted

ATLANTA - Lawmakers looking to set a standard payout for people released from prison after being wrongfully convicted heard Wednesday from experts...

Streamline rules, lawmakers told

...experts as among the best run. Yet, the appeals procedures are so long and costly that neither bothered.They urged the lawmakers to streamline the regulations and get cooperation between the various agencies that inspect their facilities, including those...

Ripe for reform

...disheartened and demoralized if they see these nonperforming workers making as much as them and they're not doing their job."If lawmakers are serious about reform, they should change the way government employees are evaluated, promoted and disciplined. And...

Georgia lets expire 15-year ban on using coastal aquifer to stash river water for droughts

...was considered so pristine that state lawmakers 15 years ago declared it off-limits...there's a higher risk."Coastal Georgia lawmakers were spurred into action back in 1999 when...the stored water to customers. State lawmakers agreed to put the practice on hold...

Animals entering political ads

...Barrow adds, throwing a tennis ball to be fetched. By the time he has finished touting his own record and criticizing other lawmakers, the dog and ball are back. "She works harder than most of them do," he says, comparing the pet favorably to the men...

US road safety agency moves slowly when drivers spot problems and petition for investigations

...opened, it can take months or years before a recall is announced.During hearings into the GM ignition switch recall, some lawmakers suggested the agency's staff and budget are too small to monitor the 238 million cars and trucks on the road today. Plus...

Across South Carolina

Ex-lawmaker faces 14 federal chargesCOLUMBIA - Former state Rep. Thad Viers was indicted Thursday on 14 federal charges for his alleged role...