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Prognosis unknown

...intentionally provided false information about their income, citizenship or other personal data. Imagine that.Even when this law "works," it doesn't work.If the CBO can't figure out which direction this labyrinth law is headed, where are Americans...
Farm bill update will be difficult

...for dealing with weather disasters, but that was attempted in the current farm bill. The market basis for the current law works for most situations, providing support when prices dip below certain levels, but it didn't adequately aid farmers...
Save milk price reform!

...direction that Congress' 1996 Farm Act pointed. But instead of hailing this achievement and waiting to see how the new law works, agroup of ill-advised Eastern and Southern lawmakers, including Georgia's, are movingto strangle the reform baby...
Opinion columns
Evidence proves that voter ID works

...optimistic it will be upheld. But even if it's not, Georgia's law is different enough that it could still be upheld. It should be. It may not be legal evidence, but the results of the Feb. 5 election are proof enough. The law works.
Editorials | Augusta State University
As farmers age, plans match aspirants with pros

...It was time to get young blood in, not just for the physical side, but for the business side of it." His son-in-law works on the farm, but didn't want to be the in-charge guy, Adam says, so he applied to Baker's program. He was immediately...
Laws on teen sex will be reviewed

...hard, very difficult policy decisions." Mr. Tanksley said two issues are involved - the technicalities of how the law works and the will of the people. "I think if you're dealing with a clear-cut situation where you have an obvious sexual...
Across the area

...Mr. Haselden's appeal. Mr. Bruck was not one of Mr. Haselden's attorneys. Ms. Holliday said her sister-in-law works for Mr. Bruck. Ms. Holliday said that, at first, seven jurors indicated they were undecided. They asked Judge Clary...
Improving the Sunshine laws

...less so. We're behind some states like Texas, Florida and Connecticut just in terms of sophistication about how the law works. However, we're ahead of some others." Reach Peggy Ussery and Jason B. Smith can be reached at (706) 868-1222...
Additional area news

...not the image we want to portray." Myrtle Beach resident Jim DeFeo said he gave the city the idea. His brother-in-law works with a canine unit in New Jersey. He said the city's concern because of a disturbing Alabama memory during the days...
'Civil Action' like John Grisham for grown-ups a doofus in real life. For the facts, read the book or study the case; the movie is more concerned with how the law works, and how perhaps the last thing you want is a lawyer who is committed heart and soul to your cause. What you want is...