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Prognosis unknown

...intentionally provided false information about their income, citizenship or other personal data. Imagine that.Even when this law "works," it doesn't work.If the CBO can't figure out which direction this labyrinth law is headed, where are Americans...
Taking their time, your money

...Wasden said."The only law one can firmly count on South Carolina legislators to pass each year is Parkinson's Law: "Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion."Except that, if you're a South Carolina lawmaker...
What becomes of Detroit?

...have been based on race instead of competence, while pay, tenure and benefits have been extraordinary. Parkinson's Law ? "work expands to fill the time available for its completion" ? also may be used to explain the situation, especially the...
Evidence proves that voter ID works

...optimistic it will be upheld. But even if it's not, Georgia's law is different enough that it could still be upheld. It should be. It may not be legal evidence, but the results of the Feb. 5 election are proof enough. The law works.
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Clock ticks on property protection

...disposed of by mid-February. It often seems like the South Carolina legislature is the perfect example of Parkinson's Law: work expands to fill the time allotted for its completion. Except if a special session is called, Parkinson's Law would...
Legality of new version debated

ATLANTA - As a bill revising the state's voter identification law works its way through the General Assembly, supporters say the measure will once again allow election workers to require Georgians to...
As farmers age, plans match aspirants with pros

...It was time to get young blood in, not just for the physical side, but for the business side of it." His son-in-law works on the farm, but didn't want to be the in-charge guy, Adam says, so he applied to Baker's program. He was immediately...
Aiken woman charged with illegal law work

A 55-year-old Aiken woman was arrested Tuesday on 25 counts each of perjury and practicing law with out a license
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Longtime SC lawmaker retiring

...she said, noting she baby-sits her granddaughter when she's not in session while her son and daughter-in-law work. "It's been very difficult this whole year, leaving my grandchild and coming up here every Tuesday. ... I don't...
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Laws on teen sex will be reviewed

...hard, very difficult policy decisions." Mr. Tanksley said two issues are involved - the technicalities of how the law works and the will of the people. "I think if you're dealing with a clear-cut situation where you have an obvious sexual...