Rants & Raves

...already been deported five times. This would have been a great opportunity for the president to support the rule of law and order by stressing the need to rid this country of illegal immigrants who can or have caused us harm. AFTER THE Confed erate...

Stop hypersensitivity

Free speech, law and order and U.S. security are jeopardized by the mantra of political correctness...not politically correct, but must be used to maintain efficient law and order. Stop-and-frisk is effective in getting illegal guns off the...

Poll shows strong GOP support for body cameras

...survey results released Thursday.Although Republicans tend to be overwhelmingly white, conservative, inclined toward law and order and supportive of law enforcement, a poll for Morris News Service shows the vast majority favor videoing officers...

Notes GOP is for 'law and order'

...standing up for the Constitution. Regardless of what happens in the Senate, the Republicans will be known as a law-and-order party. Henceforth, the Democrats will be known as a lawless, anything goes, if-it-feels-good-do-it...

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Enforcement comes from military

...with a yearlong mission to restore law and order to the war-torn land. He has...original mission was to restore law and order and train the Kosovo police force...But he found it hard to restore law and order without any laws on the books...

Sheriff opposes police cutbacks

Keeping law and order in Richmond County will cost taxpayers $31.7 million next year, and that's as low as the law enforcement budget can go...

Miller touts position on crime

ATLANTA - U.S. Sen. Zell Miller highlighted his co-sponsorship of four law-and-order bills Friday, while surrounding himself with law enforcement officers in a series of airport news conferences. The campaign appearances...

In the know

...wondering what happened to the new episode of NBC's Law and Order: Special Victims Unit you were waiting for Friday night...director at WAGT-TV (Channel 26), hit shows such as Law and Order and Scrubs have been preempted by reruns of Home Improvement...

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More school security

...Littleton, Colo., massacre, area school authorities and law-enforcement agencies earned high grades for maintaining law and order. Columbia County, especially, was under stress in part because the day before Littleton's Columbine High slaughter...

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In the know

...this spring under attack from CBS' Survivor. With Law and Order, The West Wing and Will & Grace added in, NBC had...Friends, NBC, 18.7, 19.2 million homes. 3. (9) Law and Order, NBC, 14.5, 14.9 million homes. 4. (12) West...

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