A resolution for the nation

...real-life thugs:"Stop breaking the law, @#$%^&*!"Yet, as simple and...responsibility.Even with those who break the law.Even after Ferguson and New York. Or maybe...sheep and was suspected of violating the law again when confronted by police. Nor...

Veto violence in America: Crime and its causes require everyone to act

...moral values are one step. I commend the law enforcement community in Augusta for its commitment...us to try to fix them.When we look at law enforcement to help combat criminal activity...the school curriculum. AT THE SAME TIME, law enforcement needs to have more training...

Former SC governor James B. Edwards dies at 87

...Reagan administration, has died. He was 87.His son-in-law Ken Wingate confirmed that Edwards died Friday.Edwards, an...elected governor.Edwards was limited to one term under state law at the time. After leaving the governor's mansion, he headed...

Number of officers feloniously killed in line of duty declining, report shows

...carry with me," he said.In 2013, 27 law enforcement officers were killed feloniously...commissioner of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. That number takes into account...factors.Having spent more than 42 years in law enforcement, he said, officer deaths strike...

South Carolina districts preparing for timed end-of-year tests

...school year began with uncertainty after the Legislature passed a law in May requiring Common Core education standards to be replaced by a homegrown version in August 2015. The law also formalized the agency's withdrawal from the "Smarter Balanced...

The voice that tells me where to go

...treatment at one of the nation's finest hospitals.I visited my sister and nieces in Baton Rouge and even took my mother-in-law Christmas shopping in Columbus, Ga.All of this under the fairly reliable direction of the little talking navigation box plugged...

Vehicle struck by train in downtown Augusta; no injuries reported

...suffered no damage from the collision and was able to resume operations about 4:25 p.m. The company is cooperating with local law enforcement on an investigation into the incident.The results of that investigation should be available anywhere from four...

Copenhaver served as mayor for nine years without controversy

...had seven left."It's starting to sink in," Copenhaver said. "But, golly, to leave office with the continued support of the community, with friends in the military and law enforcement, I am really, really blessed."

Treat police with respect

...During my teens and early 20s, I was stopped many times by police for traffic violations, and I was the one who was breaking the law and paid the fines. But I always did what they told me to do. If I acted mature and treated them with respect, the majority...

Stand up - no apologies necessary

...California, Los Angeles, Professor Robert Goldstein, it wasn't even how he put something; it was that he wrote it at all.The law professor asked students on an exam to imagine they were lawyers in the St. Louis County Attorney's office, and that they...