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Laura Myers

AUGUSTA, Ga. - Mrs. Laura Myers entered into rest on Monday, July 21, 2014 at her residence. Mrs. Myers, a native of Spartanburg, SC, moved to Augusta at...
About 200 troops face dismissal for refusing anthrax shots

WASHINGTON -- Roughly 200 U.S. troops face dismissal for refusing mandatory anthrax vaccinations, including 23 sailors who were preparing to ship out to the Persian Gulf this month, the Pentagon said Thursday. Navy Capt. Michael Doubleday, a Defense Department spokesman, blamed the scattered resistance to the vaccine partly on "misinformation" about the anthrax vaccine that has shown up on Internet sites, apparently causing health concerns.
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Russian official assures Albright

NEW YORK -- Russia's new foreign minister assured Secretary of State Madeleine Albright that Moscow's foreign policy will hold steady despite the government shakeup and deep money woes. "I wish to underscore the continuity of foreign policy in Russia," Igor Ivanov said Monday. Albright, just before their first working dinner, pledged to deal as closely as she did with Ivanov's predecessor, Yevgeny Primakov, now prime minister.
Military inoculating against anthrax

WASHINGTON -- Roll up that sleeve, soldier. The Pentagon is ready to begin inoculating all 2.4 million men and women in the military and reserves against deadly anthrax. Troops in Southeast Asia and Korea will get picked first, starting next week. Until now, only U.S. forces in the Persian Gulf have been protected against the biological menace that's 99 percent lethal if inhaled. It is in the arsenal or being developed as a weapon by at least 10 nations, the Defense Department said Friday.
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US official identifies soldier in Afghan shooting

The solider accused of killing 16 Afghan civilians has been named.
Use more practical teaching methods

...other professions. Too much time and money is wasted on school projects when just writing papers on pertinent topics with emphasis on good sentence and paragraph structure may be of far greater benefit. Laura Myers North Augusta, S.C.
For the record

...Anthony Whitlock , 33, and Danielle Marcia Allen , 39, both of Evans Anthony John Didato , 25, of Augusta, and Amy Laura Myers , 32, of Martinez William Romaine Hall , 58, of Augusta, and Bobbie Jean Sharpe , 55, of Evans FILED NOV. 20 Jacob...
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Safety of anthrax vaccine debated

WASHINGTON -- Congressional investigators questioned the long-term safety of an anthrax vaccine administered to America's armed forces despite government assurances Thursday that U.S. troops are being protected, not harmed by the shots. Skeptical lawmakers suggested the Defense Department shouldn't continue mandating anthrax vaccinations until further studies ensure there won't be health problems later.
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Military computers seen vulnerable to hackers

WASHINGTON -- Military computer and communications systems are "increasingly compromised" and vulnerable to attack by hackers and high-tech enemies, concluded a Pentagon-sponsored study released Monday. Although the Defense Department is working to improve cybersecurity, the study said technological advances are outpacing the Pentagon's sluggish moves to protect vital information used in today's battles.
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Nuclear agency lacked Y2K check

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. agency managing the nation's nuclear weapons stockpile is testing its most critical computers, after Pentagon inspectors discovered nobody had verified whether key systems could withstand year 2000 problems. The Defense Special Weapons Agency wasn't alone in certifying computers Y2K safe without independent testing, said the Pentagon's Inspector General's Office, which found only 25 percent of the agency's "mission critical" defense computer systems had been tested.
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