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Richmond County sheriff's candidate Freddie Sanders seeks return to law enforcement

...the mood with a joke: "To this day no one has ever called me to tell me I was out of a job."The last badgeSanders' last law enforcement job included a dark episode that cost Sheriff J.B. Dykes his job and sent Dykes to prison.Under investigation...
Author speaks at hooding ceremony

...medical care is to do as much nothing as possible," Dr. Bergman said. "There's something quite wise about that last law, and that is that the body has amazing healing properties. It's saying stay out of the way and let life heal." It...
Aiken group honors judge with portrait

...the judge demanded as much from the lawyers who appeared in his court, said attorney David Miller, who served as his last law clerk. "He was firm, but he was also courteous," Mr. Miller said. "I look forward to coming in and seeing him...
Daily TV highights for the week

...Carol (Julie Brown); a kooky, inventive one-hour "Drew Carey" sends Drew into a cuckoo's nest; and it's the last "Law & Order" episodes with Angie Harmon as assistant D.A. Buh-bye, darlin'. Next! THURSDAY "The Essence Awards...
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Richmond County Sheriff's Office increases presence in community

...On Jan. 30, the sheriff's office made its jump into social media with a Facebook page. The office is among the last law enforcement agencies in the area to adopt such an approach. Within two days, the department was already receiving tips...