Five questions with Larry Sconyers

Larry Sconyers, the proprietor of one of Augusta's popular barbecue restaurants, was the first mayor of Augusta's consolidated city-county...

Young has real shot, Walker says

Mayor Larry Sconyers has squandered his incumbency advantage...as I thought it would be in terms of Larry Sconyers really getting involved and spending...Using conservative numbers, it's Larry Sconyers and Moses Todd in a runoff, with Bob...

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Kirby: Another Augustan visited White House in 1980

...Sunday's history quiz about the Augustan who went to the White House in 1980. The fully correct quiz answer was Larry Sconyers, who served barbecue in June 1980. But Clyde said he went in 1980, too. Not to receive the "Good Guy Award...

Senator: Campaign to be dirty

...for the next two months as Mayor Larry Sconyers tries to fend off five opponents...earlier in the week were Mayor Larry Sconyers, 56; former city of Augusta...vote along with Bob Young and Larry Sconyers." Mr. McIntyre and the other...

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Lawyers may help deputies

City Attorney Jim Wall told Mayor Larry Sconyers and Augusta Commission on Wednesday that one of his...BYLINE2:Staff Writer City Attorney Jim Wall told Mayor Larry Sconyers and Augusta Commission on Wednesday that one of his...

Augusta's year in review: Jan - June

...14 years as Augusta mayor and Larry Sconyers takes over as mayor. Jan. 1...area. March 13: Augusta Mayor Larry Sconyers asks the sheriff's department...university." June 18: Mayor Larry Sconyers casts the tie-breaking vote...

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Campaign for mayor heating up

...This week's eye on the mayor's race sees: Mayor Larry Sconyers running "flat out," despite his outburst at Tuesday's...could. "But I do know I could be a better mayor than Larry Sconyers. I would have to show up once a week to do that...

Sconyers says `honeymoon is over'

...as mayor of Augusta's consolidated government, Larry Sconyers says he's waiting for this year's commission election...new answers for Augusta's mayor The day after Larry Sconyers was elected mayor of the new consolidated government...

Test your knowledge of June events in Augusta

...Sing. D. Display their barrel-chopping hatchets. 4. An Augustan went to the White House in 1980! Who?A. Larry Sconyers, serving barbecue. B. Jessye Nor man, singing opera. C. Car toonist Clyde Wells, receiving President Jimmy...

Vote to consolidate Augusta-Richmond County governments marks its 20th anniversary

...merger was "the biggest mistake" made by the consolidating governments, Augusta-Richmond County's first mayor, Larry Sconyers, later said.Carstarphen pushed to make the government a strong-manager form, while Sconyers preferred a strong...