Utilities say South Carolina power transmission safe

...system is sound as long as it doesn't face the additional burden of become part of a national energy market that some large utilities elsewhere want. "We firmly believe we have built a good solid system that serves our customers well," said Charlie...

Corrects editorial's 'misinformation'

...and are convinced the people of South Carolina -- and people everywhere -- are being denied huge benefits because large utilities are urging lawmakers to "take it slow." Lack of competition costs South Carolina consumers some $740 million...

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Stop sweetheart power deals

...Vice-President Dean Alford to develop two dirty coal plants with an original price tag of $4.2 billion.Even though large utilities such as Georgia Power Co. are closing down outdated and increasingly expensive coal plants, and denying the need...

Lyons: EPA lawsuits not `nuisances'; they are essential to protecting public health

...financial bottom line than the price being paid by the public with their health. The EPA's lawsuit against the seven large utilities did not come about randomly or capriciously. When the Clean Air Act was amended in 1977, older coal-fired power...

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Barnes concerned about Y2K problems

...authority over city-run utilities that had been free of state oversight until now. "I'm pretty comfortable with the large utilities. What I'm concerned about is the municipals," he told a group of 700 executives from utilities and large energy...

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States against pollution

ATLANTA - Environmental activists announced Monday the formation of a nine-state Southern coalition to fight large utilities which they say pollute the air with carbon dioxide and contribute to global warming. The announcement of creation...

Rogue EPA exceeds authority with 'nuisance lawsuits'

...Protection Agency has triggered one of the largest environmental lawsuits in U.S. history. In November it sued seven large utilities, including the Southern Company, claiming that the utilities violated the Clean Air Act by failing to upgrade pollution...

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