Put down that tablet: Microsoft, Intel and PC makers have $70M to remind you PCs are awesome

...driven by a shift to smartphones and tablets able to handle many of the tasks that previously required desktop and laptop computers.Even the late July release of Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system couldn't reverse the slide. Worldwide...

Atlanta school vandalized 4th time

...temporarily located inside the Walter Leonard Parks Middle School building while the school's permanent home is being renovated.Jones says two projectors may have been taken. In the past, the school has lost iPads and laptop computers.

How to Find Luxury in a Financially Responsible Life

...that I want quite a bit, from a library/game room in our next home and a trip to New Zealand to a really sweet laptop computer and a completely redone home brewing setup. All of those luxury items ? and many more ? are quite tempting. Our...

Automakers struggling to prevent hackers from seizing control of cars

...by exposing a glaring security gap.Five years later, two friendly hackers sitting on a living room couch used a laptop computer to commandeer a Jeep from afar over the Internet, demonstrating an even scarier vulnerability."Cars don't seem...

Suspects sought in Harford Street home break-in

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office is searching for suspects accused of stealing two laptop computers and three televisions Monday from an Augusta residence.Around 3:31 p.m., deputies responded to the 700 block of Harford...

TVs, game systems reported missing from residences

...through the bedroom window, according to the report.About three miles south of Deans Bridge Road, two TVs, a laptop computer, a sound system and a Playstation and various games were reported missing from the 3400 block of McAlpine Drive...

Report: Hewlett-Packard to split into 2 separate companies focusing on computers and services

...consumers turn to mobile devices to perform basic computing chores. The shift has curbed demand for HP's desktop and laptop computers, as well as its printers.In its most recent quarter, HP posted revenue of $27.6 billion, up 1 percent at...

Bedroom desk not always preferred homework spot

...table.Although bedroom desks remain common, many kids don't use them for their intended purpose. Thanks to laptop computers and more casual living spaces, they often opt to do homework in kitchens and family rooms, on couches or beds...

Curiously worded test questions smell awfully like product placement

...branded entertainment," most often on TV shows. For example, ever notice how a lot of characters on shows use Apple laptop computers? That's just the way Apple wants it.You can't watch a movie these days without seeing rampant product placement...

Microsoft promises Windows 10 will be familiar on all devices, even holographic headsets

...personal assistant, capable of answering questions and responding to commands such as "Play music" on desktop and laptop computers, as well as mobile devices.And in a break from past practice, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be released...