Arts in the Heart opens with flair

...Becky Moore and Nita Peterson were two of thousands walking Broad Street opening night. The women selected chicken sticks from Laos before viewing the art booths."This is only my second year attending," Moore said. "But I'll never miss it again. The...

Laos is full of temples, colonial architecture and surprises

VIENTIANE, Laos - A slow, thumping drum beat summoned about...the most important national symbol in Laos. It was 6 a.m. and I met up with the...excavations suggest the monument - featured on Laos' official seal - marks the spot of a monastery...

Life & style
Dine & Dish: Don't miss the treats at Arts in the Heart

...But I like to cool off with a tropical smoothie or shaved ice topped with sweet syrup. Be prepared to wait in line. LAOS. At Laos, a good combo plate is the spicy chicken basil, chicken skewer and rice noodles. The braver may want to try the...

Grass is lemony, healthful

A tall, fragrant member of the grass family Cymbopogon, lemon grass is a signature flavor in the foods of Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. It is native to India, where it's used in curry powder. It also grows well in Florida and California, and...

Christian programming ventures into reality TV

...Papua New Guinea, carrying hand-held digital cameras with them. The pair are recording as they get lost in the jungles of Laos, have a nasty encounter with some leeches and nearly become lion chow. It's all grist for a reality television program...

Your Faith
Smith's courage

...the Air Force used lethal sarin gas to kill American defectors in Laos during the Vietnam War, it just didn't ring true to Smith. After all, he had been in the war, flew over Laos for a year and never heard of the defectors, much less the lethal...

Opinion columns
Praises CNN analyst's resignation

...in the real world. CNN's Newsstand production accuses the U.S. Air Force of using deadly sarin gas against a target in Laos during the Vietnam War. This seriously damages U.S. credibility as a moral force among nations. Gen. Smith's explanation...

Opinion columns
Analyst hinting at return

...broadcast. CNN, in a joint report with Time magazine, reported the Air Force used lethal sarin gas on American defectors in Laos during the Vietnam War. The September 1970 mission was called Operation Tailwind. Mr. Smith said the allegations are false...

Vietnam veteran fabricated heroic acts during trial

...died since the war, he said. The number of Americans who escaped from POW camps and survived was 30 in Viet nam and two in Laos, McGrath said. But according to the Department of Veterans Affairs, about 1,000 people claimed to have escaped from prison...

George E. Parsons (LOS LUNAS, N.M.)

...3, 2006 in Los Lunas. Mr. Parsons was a retired chief gunner's mate in the United States Navy having served in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand. He earned the National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal with 11 Bronze Stars, Vietnam Campaign Medal...