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...to build a new GreenJackets stadium, according to the judge who ruled in favor of the city in a lawsuit ... Langford Middle School and Sue Reynolds Elementary are some of the most densely populated schools in Richmond County, and both could...

Langford Middle School pupils help keep school safe

A new "club" at Langford Middle School is quickly getting attention.Unlike most other extracurricular activities, which meet once every two weeks, the new school...

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Courtyard a big hit at Langford Middle School

...science experiment designed to show the process of erosion can get a little messy, so Christina Davis brought her Langford Middle School sixth-graders outside on Dec. 14."We are going to use this as a science lab," Davis said of an enclosed...

Tribunals hand suspensions out

A Langford Middle School pupil has been punished for striking a teacher in the head while...were given the option to attend the alternative program.- A Langford Middle School pupil was suspended for the rest of the school year after she...

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Richmond County Board of Education discusses performance deadline for school administrators

...teachers.? The board approved allowing military families living off-base in areas zoned for attendance at Langford Middle School and Sue-Reynolds Elementary to apply to attend the Freedom Park School at Fort Gordon. Those interested should...

At Langford Middle, baccalaureate program increases scores, changes school culture

For sixth-grade humanities teacher and football coach Thaddeus Mohler, the real impact of Langford Middle School's International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program on his students became apparent away from his classroom sessions.Mohler said...

Rants & Raves

...just new scams dreamed up politicians to pretend those taxes don't amount to much out of taxpayers' pockets. LANGFORD MIDDLE School has a "sixth-grade humanities" course. Isn't that a bit of a stretch? Humanities in grammar school? A...

Suspect held, student critical in Paine shooting

...ty, the Alternative Education Center, Collins Elementary School, John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School, Langford Middle School, Tutt Middle School, Lamar-Milledge Elementary School, T.W. Josey High School, A.R. Johnson Health...

Middle, elementary schools prepare for influx of students from Cyber Command relocation

...are discussing ways to prevent additional overcrowding at two schools already with rising student populations.Langford Middle School and Sue Reynolds Elementary are some of the most densely populated schools in Richmond County, and both could...

Motivated Paine star Ashley Watts has become nation's top scorer

...Cyan Patricia Scoggins was a friend of Watts while playing on the AAU circuit. Scoggins, a former student at Langford Middle School, died of a tumor in 2007."Cyan's memory is what drives me to play basketball," said Watts, fighting back...