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Surprise turnip green addiction might be a sign that I've grown up

...the movies, everyone dined on filet mignon and crepes suzette, whatever those were.No limos drove down the two-lane blacktop near our house; my mother kept cooking turnip greens; I kept eating them. I vowed, though, that someday -- some...
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Ride the high country

...days for a foray into this area and keep on hand a detailed map pinpointing the Panoramic Route, a network of two-lane, blacktop roads which winds ever upward in a series of switchback turns. Gas stations are plentiful on the trip's first leg...
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Scenes from an atomic desert

...there's all the fuss about touching metal around here." The white Jeep Cherokee rumbles down Mercury Highway, a two-lane blacktop. There are 700 miles of roads in the test site. This one slices north towards the more secretive areas. NO ACCESS...
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County pins hope for jobs on park be pretty intense. ... It's going to be a hard sell to get people off the major highway and onto the two-lane blacktop that leads to your community." Lincoln County industries Other major industries in Lincoln County:Mayfair Mills...
Hollywood movies show cars are more than nuts and bolts

...garnered from watching a classic car gobble up the highway miles. In fact, it's very similar in nature to ... TWO-LANE BLACKTOP (1971): Made the same year as Vanishing Point, this deceptively simple story about a cross-country race features...
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My old binoculars enable me to see into the past

...heavens, but I had a plan. A trio of islands stretched into the Pacific, connected to land only by a narrow two-lane blacktop road that had been built across rocks piled up as a causeway, jutting into the warm waters. There were places to...
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Hub of activity

The four-lane blacktop leading from the new Evans Wal-Mart Supercenter to Lincolnton, Ga., is dotted with subdivisions. Commercial development fades...
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