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Sorry about that: America covered in avalanche of apologies

...who are they trying to kid?In 1995 U.S. Sen. Alfonse D'Amato used a stereotyped Japanese accent to mock Judge Lance Ito, who was presiding over the O.J. Simpson trial. He responded to the criticism by saying, "If I offended...
Judge, known as strict but fair, takes control of Jackson case's not going to be another O.J. Simpson courtroom. The judge doesn't want to be known as another Judge Ito." Lance Ito was widely accused of losing control of the courtroom and letting opposing attorneys posture and declaim for the cameras...
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Attorney defends Judge Cooper

...the bull's eye was hung on the wrong person. The author states that Judge Thomas Cooper Jr. is likened to Judge Lance Ito of O.J. Simpson fame by "indulging the defense to the point that he is losing control of his courtroom." Having...
Iraq's Ito was right to quit

...So he resigned. Well, good riddance. The public had cause to criticize. Rizgar was to Saddam's trial what Judge Lance Ito was to O.J. Simpson's. He let the defense, composed of Saddam and seven other former members of the regime, take...