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Scots reject independence in historic vote

...Prime Minister David Cameron from a historic defeat and also helps opposition chief Ed Miliband by keeping his many Labour Party lawmakers in Scotland in place. His party would have found it harder to win a national election in 2015 without that...
Cruel and unusual -- and that's the prisoner, not the punishment

...bombed government buildings in Oslo, killing eight people. Then he traveled to Utøya island, the site of a Norwegian Labour Party youth camp. Posing as a police officer to be admitted on the island, he started his 69 executions within minutes...
Former British prime minister will not be remembered as a sports fan

...plans for Europe's first compulsory membership program for soccer fans. But in the face of opposition led by the Labour Party, which described the membership cards as "an offense against common decency," the program was not introduced...
Royally wedded

...list, including President Barack Obama and Britain's last two prime ministers, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown of the Labour Party, which is not as strong a backer of the monarchy as the ruling Conservatives. That snub might resonate for years among...
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Up 2 Speed

...update: world TONY BLAIR GIVES NOTICE: Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair announced he'd step down as head of the Labour Party and as leader of the country effective June 27. Mr. Blair, who has served 10 years, will be succeeded by the winner...
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...pugnacious, populist Glaswegian nicknamed "Gorgeous George," Galloway was expelled from Prime Minister Tony Blair's Labour Party in 2003 for urging British soldiers not to fight in the Iraq war. He went on to found the anti-war party Respect...
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...Trevor McDonald and Mariella Frostrup, lawmaker Michael Portillo and Lord Hattersley, a former deputy leader of the Labour Party. On the award's Web site, Grant - who studied English at Oxford University - cited Kingsley Amis' "Lucky Jim...
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No moral equivalency

...morality," she said recently. "But I know ... this evil, fascist regime must come to an end - with or without the help of the Security Council, and with or without the backing of the Labour party..." Imagine what else we'll find.
A flawed nation, and yet... is a free country, it is our ally and some of the reaction to September 11 betrays a hatred of America that shames those that feel it." - British Prime Minister Tony Blair, speaking to the Labour Party Conference on Oct. 2 in London.
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Angry Ireland confronts Vatican over abuse party Fine Gael, was swept to power earlier this year alongside the left-wing and anti-clerical Labour Party.Yet even the most devoted have found their faith tested by those investigations into the church's concealment of...