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...the site's aging reactors slowed and eventually stopped as they were mothballed. The business of bombs at SRS turned to the labor of cleanup during the 1990s, and the work force went from about 25,000 to about 13,000. Today's SRS advocates...

Woman sentenced to 5 years probation, restitution fees for bank fraud in theft of grandmother's money

...more than 400 checks on the account of the woman who helped raise her and who needed the money she earned through her honest labors. The victim, now over 80 years old, has health care needs that are expensive, Clark said.The family of the women believe...

Future comes calling

Frank Wimberly labors to breathe in his room at Medical College of Georgia Hospital, but he is not sure why. "Ask him," he said, pointing to fourth-year...

Volunteers work hard in ministry

Small fix-it jobs are labors of love for Tim Coody. Replacing closet rods, patching drywall, painting, even hooking up washers and dryers or cutting grass...

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Hail Barrett

...made to happen, by the steady hand and upright acts of good people. A great city is the accumulation of such people and their labors. Hale Barrett helped make this a great city.Every life has value. The best lives add value to those around them. He was...

Letter writer needs reality check

Harry Myers' June 10 letter, "SRS conned ignorant farmers," labors under several grave misapprehensions. Acquisition of the land for the Savannah River Plant was accomplished in 1951-1952 by...

Publicity-shy Russian may have solved great math mystery

SAN FRANCISCO -- A publicity-shy Russian researcher who labors in near-seclusion may have solved one of mathematics' oldest and most abstruse problems, the Poincare Conjecture. Evidence...

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Review finds spy agency too secretive, slow

WASHINGTON (AP) - The nation's multibillion-dollar spy satellite agency labors under an overly secretive, ponderous bureaucracy, slow to embrace new ideas and no longer widely considered a technology leader...

XXX Technology
'Robots' tries to squeak past story by dazzling with its visual beauty

An exercise in style over substance, Robots labors under the mistaken belief that it's fine being just another pretty face. Glossy and lovingly rendered in a way seen too often...

Migrant ministry finishes short-order project

Catherine Vandegriff's sewing machine has been steadily humming since January, and this week she saw the fruit of her labors. She and her companions at First Presbyterian Church of Aiken cut and stitched 104 pairs of shorts in various sizes for children...

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