Kyoto Protocol calls for `economic unilateral disarmament' by the U.S.

...to an obscure international treaty, the Kyoto Protocol, that could put me and a lot...unionist like me. I told them that if the Kyoto Protocol passed, my job would go overseas...including coal. But we have a problem with the Kyoto treaty. If implemented, Kyoto would have...

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Resurrection of the Kyoto Protocol will doom president's energy plan

...himself under siege after rejecting the Kyoto Protocol, a treaty that would impose punitive...disingenuous. Bush announced his opposition to Kyoto during his campaign and has never wavered...stressed the higher energy costs flowing from Kyoto and the severe job losses as industry moved...

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New ally on Kyoto

...early in his presidency was to yank the Kyoto Protocol from consideration for ratification...presidency the Senate, in a test vote on Kyoto ratification, turned it down, 95-0...aide, Andrei Illarionov, explained why: Kyoto would severely damage Russia's economy...

Ga. OK with Kyoto pact?

...signed by President Clinton two years ago in Kyoto, Japan. The pact mandates harshly lower...including Communist China. Clearly, the Kyoto accords are detrimental to the economic...claims that coming out in opposition to Kyoto sends the message Georgia doesn't care...

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Alone on Kyoto

...fulfilled a political pledge by signing the United Nations' Kyoto Protocol on climate change. Abandoning a decade of resistance...pressure. He's talking compromise and a reworking of the Kyoto accord, but there is no need yet to jump into this simmering...

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Global warming pact takes effect, without United States

...After seven politically painful years, the Kyoto Protocol finally enters into force on Wednesday...The global pact negotiated in 1997 in Kyoto, Japan, remains a small step, potentially...The world's biggest emitter rejects the Kyoto pact and balks at discussing future mandatory...

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Climate talks cloud future

...With the United States opting out of the Kyoto climate treaty, American businesses may...nations accepted guidelines for the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, aimed at reducing emissions...The United States alone rejected the Kyoto accord as flawed and too expensive. That...

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Talks advance as globe confronts warming

...on "carbon trading" to achieve their Kyoto Protocol goals by 2012, says a new U...blamed for global warming, rejects the Kyoto pact on reductions. Against this backdrop...a stricter regime of emissions cuts for Kyoto nations after the 2012 expiration of that...

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