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Packaging-machine maker to move

...packaging equipment. Companies have used the equipment to bag everything from dog food and birdseed to fertilizer and kitty litter. Fischbein, a privately held designer and manufacturer of bag packaging equipment, acquired Inglett & Co. in 2000...
Comfort under the belt

...curator of the Fashion Institute of Technology's museum in New York City. "They stock up on it the way you stock up on kitty litter. It's a staple, not a conscious fashion choice." The average guy owns more than 450 pairs of underwear in his...
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'Cat in the Hat' survives bad reviews to debut with $40.1 million

...with $260 million. Reviewers called "The Cat in the Hat" visually overblown and bereft of story. Some called it "kitty litter." Universal Studios, domestic distributor for both movies, does not expect "The Cat in the Hat" to rival the total...
Thanksgiving help lines answer cooking questions call began: "You don't know anything about kitty litter, do you?" Clingman said a woman called after her husband poured kitty litter on the bottom of a new grill in hopes of absorbing drippings...
Staying healthy, safe through winter months

...But even going out to get the paper, fill the bird feeder or walk the dog can be dangerous if it's slippery." Kitty litter, sand or salt can provide traction on icy surfaces. Appel recommends keeping bags right by the door so you can scatter...
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Ga. launches statewide prescription drug alert headquarters, flushing them down the toilet or mixing uncrushed pills with distasteful materials like kitty litter and tossing them into the trash.The campaign's website lists which medications can be...
Legislators support port plan

...kaolin mining region. More than 8 million tons of clay are mined each year and sold to the makers of porcelain, paint, kitty litter, antacids and stationary for its bleaching, absorption and chemical properties, much of it transported along the...
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Rants and raves

...Get a job -- I'm tired of paying taxes. I GUESS CLEMSON has finally thrown Tommy Bowden out with the rest of the kitty litter. I WISH REPUBLICANS would stick with the issues about the economy and Iraq. I WAS A PATIENT at MCG in September and...
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In search of ... that kind of business

...are health reasons associated with avoiding pet feces, which can contain parasites and bacteria. "Some people have physical problems and can't do it themselves, and pregnant women shouldn't be messing with Kitty Litter," he said.
Don't procrastinate: Prompt, regular cleaning can save time and money

...rules are always the same: Pat the surface with a soft, clean, white, absorbent cloth. We like to call this the kitty-litter step. Then apply a mild cleaning agent (different for every stain), rinse with water and pat dry with another soft...
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