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Elections now reality show

...that our national elections now look like Dancing With The Stars, an entertaining show that often eschews talent for tweet-ridden popularity.Really, America, did you want Kirstie Alley dancing you and your loved ones into the future?
If we're better now, how bad were we before?

...temporarily pushing pumped-up baseball players out of the spotlight, which, I would imagine, is like trying to make Kirstie Alley budge.Schools and teachers have taken over test-cheating scandals from their rightful participants, the students...
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'Fat Actress' Kirstie Alley loses 50 pounds

NEW YORK - Kirstie Alley is dropping the "fat" from "actress." Alley, who starred on Showtime's reality-comedy series "Fat Actress," has lost...
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Yahoo raises profile with Hollywood push

...webcast content from other media. It showed the entire debut episode of the Showtime series "Fat Actress," starring Kirstie Alley, at the same time the episode was broadcast on cable. It also features exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from...
Kirstie Alley goes for big laughs in 'Fat Actress'

LOS ANGELES - The plate of snacks is tempting, filled with chocolates, cookies and more, but the only member of Kirstie Alley's household to bite is Bradley the dog. "No, no," Alley says, shooing the Welsh corgi away. She's equally...
People in the news

...Moore said.On the Net:* * * * NEW YORK - Look who's joining Kirstie Alley. The former "Cheers" actress will be accompanied by John Travolta, who was featured with Alley in the "Look Who's...
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TV highlights, lowlights for the week

...could turn her life upside down. Adapted from the best-selling novel by Sue Miller, "While I Was Gone" stars Kirstie Alley and Peter Horton, along with Bill Smitrovich as her husband. It airs at 9 p.m. Sunday on CBS. - What effect does...
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...passed through the Los Angeles airport. Hilton spokeswoman Tracy Schaeffer would not comment. * * * * NEW YORK -- Kirstie Alley has pulled a switch-a-roo on the tabloids. After many photographs splashed in different celebrity magazines documented...
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People in the News * * * * NEW YORK -- Anna Nicole Smith is jumping to the defense of Kirstie Alley, though it's not clear she needs the help. Referring to the media's coverage of Alley's increased weight since...
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The winner is ... the Brits, for best awards speeches

...not. "I'd like to thank my husband Parker (Stevenson) for giving me the big one for the last eight years," Kirstie Alley said on winning a trophy for "Cheers" in 1991. Manheim's speech was "genuine and reflected her attitude and personality...
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