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Admiration growing for GOP hero

...Great Communicator, "there remains something opaque, something ... even mysterious in Ronald Reagan," historian Kevin Starr said.Long a Republican hero, Reagan was praised for his role ending the Cold War, kick-starting an ailing economy...
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Travel: Gold Rush to Statehood

...cosmopolitan, reminiscent in a provincial sort of way of the Atlantic states and parts of Southern Europe," writes historian Kevin Starr. In the process, the low-key Californios culture based on cattle-raising and agriculture was overrun and the Indian...
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Like, whatever happened to the Valley Girl?

...senior partner in a downtown law firm. She's morphed into something much more important," says state historian Kevin Starr, a professor and author. Starr disagrees with popular sentiment that Valley Girl equals vapid. He notes that presidential...
Mr. Charles Faircloth, Starr Wall, Augusta; three nephews, Michael W. Thompson and Jeramie C. Thompson of Martinez, Ga. and Kevin Starr Wall, of Augusta; one niece, Lena Marie Wall, of Augusta; one uncle, John Faircloth of Hephzibah. Mr. Faircloth...