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It's just hate, not history

Augusta ought to feel shame, not pride.
Tiger great, not heavenly

I felt called upon to write in response to Kevin Palmer's letter published in the Opinion section March 29 ("Golfer is unparalleled").There is a photograph of Tiger Woods on my...
Golfer is unparalleled

Tiger Woods has yet to complete his masterpiece.
Americans were deceived

Americans did not evolve, but were deceived into supporting gay marriage.
Bad leaders hypocritical

It is no longer a chain of command, but a chain of hypocrisy that exists in many corporate and government organizations.
He didn't see this

There is a simple reason Dr. King didn't see today's transgressions. He went up to the mountaintop, not down in the gutter.
We aren't exceptional

Moral weakness, lawlessness and vice have defeated morality and virtue.
TV is a bad education

When it comes to television and children, there is no difference in liberal or conservative beliefs.
Mayor should be decent

Augusta deserves a mayor of respectability and class. Be wise with your vote.
Push higher local wages

The next mayor of Augusta must respect the intelligence of the voters who are hourly wage workers and forcefully advocate for higher wages.