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We aren't exceptional

Moral weakness, lawlessness and vice have defeated morality and virtue.
TV is a bad education

When it comes to television and children, there is no difference in liberal or conservative beliefs.
Push higher local wages

The next mayor of Augusta must respect the intelligence of the voters who are hourly wage workers and forcefully advocate for higher wages.
Mayor should be decent

Augusta deserves a mayor of respectability and class. Be wise with your vote.
Letter: Blocker-Adams will lead

If the voters are ready and willing in 2014, Helen Blocker-Adams, not Fred Russell, will be the next mayor of Augusta.
Purse episode offers lessons

A female African-American billionaire was schooled in European-style racism.
Put Evans in House seat

Fortunately, the voters of House District 127 have a more reliable choice in the Dec. 3 runoff. Diane Evans will succeed.
Put Dianne Murphy in House

In November, the voters of District 127 can feel confident of passing the torch to a true public servant by electing Dianne Murphy.
Chick-fil-A not the problem

It's God. God is bully-proof.
Romney remarks no secret

If published, the mission statement from Nixon to Barack Obama would read as follows: Work for the rich by working over the middle class and lower class.