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Evangelist of healing begins US crusade

...healed.Belief in healings is a chief driver of the crowds to Bonnke's events, as it is for preachers including Kenneth Copeland and Benny Hinn, two men with whom he is closely linked. All three have been associated with the so-called prosperity...
Explains confusion over Channel 36 lift up and build the family. In the morning we air such teaching programs as Crefflo Dollar, Joyce Myers, Kenneth Copeland, and Jerry Seville. The afternoon consists of cooking programs, children and youth programs, along with the 700...
Television preachers appeal to all races

...demographics that mirror BET's. Charles "Champ" Walker is a fan of "the smiling preacher" (the Rev. Osteen), and Kenneth Copeland and Dr. James Dobson. "Charles Stanley is so practical," he added. "If a church promotes love, then hurting...
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Fighting wrong battles in a starving world

...Whittaker, Dr. Karen Hayter, Doug Kaufmann, Kenneth Copeland, and Pat Robertson against the artificial sweetener...and evangelism." So great a danger is it, that "Kenneth Copeland has explicitly banned its sale at his ministry headquarters...
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'Prosperity gospel' scrutinized

...theology became a fixture in Pentecostal and charismatic churches. Oral Roberts and Kenneth Hagin -- and later, Kenneth Copeland -- trained tens of thousands of evangelists with a message that resonated with an emerging middle class, said David...
Ex-con teaches troubled teens

...Otero was sentenced to six months in a Wackenhut-run parole violators' facility in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Kenneth Copeland Ministries, based in Fort Worth, held classes there. Mr. Otero got out in 1996 and moved to Augusta in 2000 to...
Christian bookstores, library spread Word on videos

...large number of teaching tapes. Videos are also available featuring Dr. Sandra Kennedy, Whole Life's pastor; Kenneth Copeland; Creslo Dollar and other teachers. Like Whole Life, Saintly Gifts has several people who come in every week...
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Fateful encounter put one-time biker on straighter road

...counseling and work, according to the ministry office. The Vietnam veteran has been a frequent guest on the 700 Club and Kenneth Copeland broadcasts and speaks to veterans' groups, bikers and others nearly every weekend. The Rev. Gober found that...
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Pokemon show is still on the air and going strong

...back-to-back episodes of Full House, a syndicated sitcom starring Bob Saget, from 8 to 9 a.m. A religious program, Kenneth Copeland, is on at 7 a.m. WFXG-TV continues to show Magic Schoolbus, an educational science cartoon for kids, at 7...
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Getting God on TV

...for Black History Month) and the movie The Judas Project. The network also broadcasts inspirational programs with minsters, including the Revs. Charles Stanley, D. James Kennedy, Jack Hayford, Kenneth Copeland and Morris Cerullo.
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