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How is 'equal' defined?

If marriage were redefined to include gay couples, then why not include siblings?
Barrow's a great actor

John Barrow could win awards as an actor; his political ads are truly award-winning.
Who pays for upkeep?

Let's not be blinded by the "free money" available through the extra 1 percent tax to create one more project that we can't afford to maintain.
Sees no family value in abortions, fashioned in the image of God. It is not a blob of lifeless tissue or a dog or cat. Many former abortion nurses, after witnessing the horror of abortions, have converted to the pro-life cause.... Ken Dendinger, Augusta
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Readers debate boycott of Disney properties

...boycott of Disney. If we sitsilently by things will only get worse. If we all support our values with ourdollars we may have a favorable impact. In any case, we will not be supportingbehavior we do not agree with. Ken Dendinger, Augusta
Founding values attacked

While diversity is fine, it is not necessary to marginalize the Christian majority.
Name change is damaging

Name recognition is a valuable thing, and this name change is the dumbest move since "new Coke."
Vote for religious freedom

This help is our Christian duty, not the primary responsibility of our government!
Planned Parenthood is just no good

...from sex, but I know of no pro-lifer who shares that view. The confusion that the so-called pro-choicers have is where the "choice" ends. No one has a right to choose to do something that is wrong. ... Ken Dendinger, Augusta
Calls water crisis 'inexcusable'

...essential that they do whatever is necessary to replace worn-out infrastructure before total failure occurs. I am praying that the good Lord sends us rain before the "Garden City" becomes the "desert city." ... Ken Dendinger, Augusta
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