Plans being discussed to try to stamp out AVM

...the airborne teams had counted 18 eagles ? two adults and 16 immature birds, said Army Corps of Engineers biologist Ken Boyd.The numbers may seem encouraging, but odds are strong that many of those birds will die before warm weather returns...

Cabela's mourns loss of co-founder and patriarch Dick Cabela

...Fortunately, the nesting areas seem to have escaped the worst of the damage, said Corps of Engineers conservation biologist Ken Boyd."Most of the serious impact to trees was actually from about the Clarks Hill community and south and east," he said...

Army engineers turn used Christmas trees into Thurmond Lake fish habitat

...local wildlife and saving space in area landfills."Fish and other aquatic species need these areas for cover," said Ken Boyd, a wildlife biologist with the Thurmond Lake office. "Using recycled Christmas trees allows us to supplement our existing...

Drought-lowered reservoir offers glimpse of lost city Petersburg

Ken Boyd has a perennial fascination with the barren, windswept peninsula that juts into a remote arm of Thurmond Lake."There's not...

More and more eagles sightings being reported

...despite surveys in February that found only a few of the birds."You'd be surprised how many are being seen," said Ken Boyd, a conservation biologist for the Army Corps of Engineers. "We saw two adults just two weeks ago, while surveying...

Bald eagle sightings down at Thurmond Lake but increasing at SRS

...in January.Observers who fanned out across the lake Jan. 8 counted two mature eagles and four immature birds, said Ken Boyd, a conservation biologist for the Army Corps of Engineers.Eighteen eagles ? four adults and 14 juveniles ? were sighted...

Volunteers help corps with Thurmond Lake projects

...to the 30-pound concrete weights."This is something we try to do in areas that are used by bank fishermen," said Ken Boyd, the corps conservation biologist. "This part of the lake doesn't have a lot of vegetation, and this kind of cover...

Get ready for squirrel season in Georgia

...scouting or placing deer stands. No weapons are allowed in Bussey Point on scouting days.For more information, contact Ken Boyd, (800) 533-3478, ext. 1159, or (864) 333-1159. RIVERKEEPER NIGHT: GreenJacket baseball will hold a Savannah...

Outdoors calendar

...spread. For more information, contact Ken Boyd at the J. Strom Thurmond Project...spread. For more information, contact Ken Boyd at the J. Strom Thurmond Project...spread. For more information, contact Ken Boyd at the J. Strom Thurmond Project...

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Thurmond Lake count finds 11 eagles

...Thurmond Lake."There were seven immature birds and four adults," said Army Corps of Engineers conservation biologist Ken Boyd.The census is part of the National Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey that has been conducted across the U.S. each year...

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