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Coaching moves could swing momentum in crucial Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals

...even-keel attitude to the team."The Bruins were struggling on the second night of the series when Julien put Chris Kelly, Daniel Paille and Tyler Seguin together on the same line, and they were responsible for both of Boston's goals in a victory...
Replica to become training vessel

The Lake Forest Elementary School tree, slated to come down this summer, may get a second life after all. Mark Newell, a North Augusta-based archaeologist, is trying to arrange donating the near-century-old tree's wood to Augusta State University's fine arts department for sculpture classes. If the college agrees, the tree will live on as artwork.
Raps 'deceptive' report on schools

...our question is: Out of three Richmond County schools, or the total 94 schools in Cluster 8, how did (reporters) Kelly Daniel and James Salzer determine Tobacco Road was the worst? We agree with Jennifer Clark's Jan. 29 letter, when she...
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Knives concern officials

Five knives in two days is enough to make Richmond County school officials nervous, but the age of the supposed offenders is rattling educators even more. A 9-year-old Houghton Elementary School third-grader apparently brought a 10-inch hunting knife to school Wednesday, showing it to another student, who told administrators Thursday morning, school police said. The knife has a 4 1/2 -inch blade with a smooth edge.
Neighbors decry care homes

If you stand on Sussex Road and listen carefully, you just might hear the sound of blood boiling. The gentle notes of birds singing hello are what really greet your ears as you walk down the shaded streets of the Brynwood subdivision. There are other noises, a distant lawn mower battling weeds, an occasional car, though it is mostly quiet. But simmering beneath the normalcy is the sound of a neighborhood in uproar.
Rainstorm cleans city for Masters

Maybe it was Mother Nature's way of sweeping away all that pollen, so visitors won't sneeze so much next week. Or maybe it was just her way of teasing Augusta with near-natural disaster right before The Big Show begins. Whatever the motivation, Friday's wacky weather wasn't enough to totally derail last-minute Masters Tournament preparations, though it did slow some down. While some rural counties reported tornadoes, Augusta and Columbia County suffered no more than an up-and-down period of heavy rain, pockets of sunshine and more heavy rain.
EPA reviewing proposed school site

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is reviewing the proposed Richmond County high school on Old Waynesboro Road and will issue an opinion about the site next week. The agency was asked by Virgil Fowler, chairman of Richmond County's emergency planning commission, to provide "technical analysis" about the site, said Bill Taylor, an EPA official in Atlanta. Construction started in October at the site, which is near two chemical plants but also residential areas, an elementary school and a hospital.
Metro | Hephzibah High School
Officials support proposal

Augusta officials should immediately pursue a way to free up $15 million to ease traffic and train congestion on 15th Street, commissioners agreed after being briefed on their options Friday. Commissioners asked Administrator Randy Oliver to work with U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood's staff to try to broaden the law regulating how the federal funds, already appropriated, may be used to solve one of Augusta's main traffic headaches.
Mazyck to step down as Richmond Associated Superintendent

Zeke is reeling in his line. Richmond County Associate Superintendent Willie Mazyck, a fixture in Augusta schools for 26 years, announced Wednesday he will retire when this school term ends. His decision stunned school officials, who now must decide how to fill a job that handles some of the system's heaviest duties. "You know I tried to talk him out of it," said Superintendent Charles Larke, whom Dr. Mazyck told of his plans Monday.
Metro | Westside High School
Schools bracing for merger

Suddenly, Richmond County has one elementary school with two sets of administrators, managers and teachers who have to be moved to new jobs a year ahead of schedule. School trustees decided Thursday to move Lake Forest Elementary School students to Forest Hills Elementary School for 1998-99 while construction crews expand Lake Forest to combine the schools by the 1999-2000 term. There's too much risk in having children at Lake Forest while construction encircles the Lake Forest Drive campus, officials decided.