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Fast food messages keep kids lining up

...We believe that children really are exposed to a massive amount of marketing for lots of unhealthy foods," said Kelly Brownell, a co-founder and the director of the Yale center, which said the report is the "most comprehensive examination...
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Study: Stress and high-fat snacking in women

...really just a first step in starting to help us untangle the biology from the psychology," said psychology professor Kelly Brownell, director of the Center for Eating and Weight Disorders at Yale. The test subjects -- all healthy women ranging...
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McDonald's: After 50 years, many billions sold

...they want. "They connect with biology because most people like foods with high amounts of sugar and fat," said Kelly Brownell, a Yale University nutrition expert. Sara Moulton, host of Sara's Secrets on the Food Network, executive chef...
Diet advice: Steer clear of eggnog and margaritas

...many are consumed the body turns them into fat, regardless of the source, says Yale University obesity researcher Kelly Brownell. Studies also suggest that people who consume too many calories from beverages are less likely to compensate by...
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Latest weight-loss gimmick requires you to see the dentist

...get a personal trainer. Still, the company lists a prominent obesity researcher among its scientific advisers, Kelly Brownell who heads Yale's Center for Eating and Weight Disorders. And at a major gathering of diabetes and obesity doctors...
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In the know

...lose her 36-18-33 figure and have a "more athletic shape" when she hits stores in September. Barbie critic Kelly Brownell, a Yale psychologist, says that "she's better than before" but that "one has to ask if she's something to...
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Washington lobbyist up in arms for restaurant rights

...for "speaking out" and a special feature called the "Nanny of the Year Award," which was bestowed in 1998 to Kelly Brownell, a Yale University professor who called for a "Twinkie tax" on high-calorie foods. Mr. Brownell says he learned...
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