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Lost in translation: Agencies crossing language barriers

...Aiken Department of Public Safety and the local court system. Reach Kate Lewis at (706) 823-3215 or Growing population With a growing Hispanic community, local police forces use volunteer translators...
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Common goes high-tech with Wi-Fi access local businesses moving downtown," Mr. Copenhaver said. Reach Kate Lewis at (706) 823-3215 or WI-FI on the green Free wireless Internet service is available starting today at Augusta Common.
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Spanish skills crucial for job-seekers at fair

...knowingly hire illegal immigrants - will not take effect until 2007. Reach Kate Lewis at (706) 823-3215 or IF YOU GO WHAT: The Asociacion Latina de Servicios del CSRA will play host to a job fair for local businesses...
Drivers use pawnshops save gas money. "That won't be a problem," he said. Reach Kate Lewis at (706) 823-3215 or SKY HIGH The price of gasoline is still a concern across the United States: $2.93: National average...
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Ugandans' trek sparks journey

...Matthew replied, "I'll just tell you, it wouldn't be fun." Reach Kate Lewis at (706) 823-3215 or Free viewing Invisible Children, a film depicting the plight of Ugandan children, will be shown at...
Lynx, authority make amends in January. Authority attorney Ed Enoch said the new owners have assumed all obligations of the former contract and agreed to pay the $25 rent increase. Reach Kate Lewis at (706) 823-3215 or
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Register tracks drivers

...person from the National Driver Register, Ms. Sheffield said. Reach Kate Lewis at (706) 823-3215 or CHECK THE REGISTER To check to see whether your name is listed in the National Driver Register, fill...
Design rules to be part of area

...DeCamp expects the guidelines to be finished by September. Reach Kate Lewis at (706) 823-3215 or WHAT'S NEXT: A draft of Olde Town's historic Pinched Gut District design guidelines will be presented...
Schools discuss driver

...have adequate coverage for communication," Mr. Echols said. Reach Kate Lewis at (706) 823-3215 or The Richmond County Board of Education is conducting an internal investigation into why Robert D. Lynch...
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Festival is scaled down

...coverage will be included in the contract, Mr. Russell said. Reach Kate Lewis at (706) 823-3215 or Tickets go on sale next week. The cost is $50 for the weekend and $25 for a one-day pass. CELEBRITY...