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Kashmir Alycia Thomas

AUGUSTA - Gary and Malissa Taylor Thomas of Augusta are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter, Kashmir Alycia, born August 2, 2007 at University Hospital in Augusta.
Peace talks bring tourists back to Kashmir

...visitors. The tourists have come back to Kashmir. For the first time since an Islamic...including 3,000 foreigners, have visited Kashmir since January - compared to slightly more...according to Shazia Khan of the Jammu-Kashmir State Tourism Corp. "Our expectations...
Life & style
Avoid nuclear war

...powers, deploying a million troops along the Kashmir border, the world is very nervous about what...on Pakistan's long-standing support of Kashmir's independence. Like Pakistan, Kashmir is primarily Muslim in population, but much...
Modern treasure hunt is sandwiched in pages of fairy tale

...Think diamonds, think rubies, think the rarest, most perfect Kashmir sapphire. All you need to do to get any or all the gems is...pieces look incredible. Who wouldn't want to find a 6.36 Kashmir blue sapphire - even if it is the head of a spider?" With...
Suspected school arson is a tragedy

On behalf of Congregation Children of Israel, we express our sincere sadness about the recent destruction of Kashmir's oldest school, reported July 13 in The Augusta Chronicle. It is our understanding that, as a result of this devastation...
Augusta professionals experience Army life during training program

...skills, familiarity with weapons, basic movement techniques, battle drills and how to react to enemy contact, said 1st Lt. Kashmir Rhymes, an officer in the 35th Signal Brigade who helped organize the class."This helps them better understand what we...
Faith calendar

...Gill shares testimony from her missions to Sudan, China, Vietnam, Pakistan, Indonesia, Colombia, Cuba, Myanmar, Laos, Kashmir, India, Korea and the Middle East; (706) 650-8707PICK'N AND PRAISE'N: 6-9 p.m. today; 2877 Lumpkin Road...
Global tension

...nuclear powers, have fought three wars since both nations won independence from Britain in 1947. The newest conflict over Kashmir carries with it nuclear undertones - but Mr. Balan says he believes his investments are safe. "Our plants are in the southeastern...
Sniper and terrorists all Muslims

...terrorist and the terrorists in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Philadelphia, Pa., Washington, D.C., New York City, Kashmir, Moscow, Indonesia, Yemen, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Israel, Sudan, Nigeria, Syria, Lebanon, Japan, Pakistan...
Mideast `hacktivists' take conflict online

...condemning Indians for violence in the disputed territory of Kashmir. An international security consulting firm, Control company. The hackers replacing the pages with "Free Kashmir" and "Free Palestine" slogans and added bloody images...
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