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A flawed family court system

It couldn't have been easy for Karyn Young - the North Augusta mom whose two young sons were killed...that Terry Young had a problem with anger management. Karyn Young also pointed to evidence in her divorce case last year...
Mother told her worries to court

The week before her estranged husband killed her two sons and himself, Karyn Young told Aiken County Family Court that she was worried about his increasingly erratic behavior. She said she believed he suffered...
Mother won't fight lawsuit

Karyn Young, whose two young sons were killed by her estranged husband a month ago, will not oppose efforts by The Augusta Chronicle and...
Rants and raves

...can kill more of our citizens. THIS IS TO THE PEOPLE ranting about the media trying to get a hold of the (Terry and Karyn) Young divorce records. The intention is not to hurt the family, but to hold public officials accountable. Those records...
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Papers seek to reveal records

...asking Family Court Judge Peter R. Nuessle to reconsider his decision to seal the divorce records of Terry Lee Young and Karyn Young. "We're challenging whether or not there's a legal justification for sealing the records and whether the process...
Murder-suicide leaves neighborhood in shock

...Chief Lee Wetherington said officers were called to the home on Mill Run by the children's mother, 37-year-old Karyn Young. Mrs. Young, who had recently moved out of the house and separated from Mr. Young, said her husband was late in...
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Grace could use feminists' help

...and that they're being enforced with a Taliban mentality. How could lawmakers not be moved to action by the former Karyn Young's tragic story? Her two sons, Gunner, 7, and Ryker, 4, were brutally murdered by their father, Terry Lee Young...
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Deaths lead to bill to alter divorce law

...Don Smith, R-North Augusta, to call for an expansion of the state's divorce law. Mr. Smith said the former Karyn Young, who has taken her maiden name back, feels the tragedy might have been avoided had their divorce process not dragged...
Sealed from scrutiny

...has nothing to do with the law. And there is no legal justification for sealing the records in this case, begun when Karyn Young filed for divorce Dec. 27. Fact is, there is every justification for keeping the records open. In sealing them...
Stations get DVD of killer

...with their father after public safety officers went to the Mill Run home. The children's mother, 37-year-old Karyn Young, had called the department when her husband was late in bringing the boys back after a weekend visit. Mrs. Young...