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Wednesday, July 1, 2015 Stories by Karin Calloway Pound cake is a Southern tradition, but a really...fix in honor of Mom. Tuesday, April 27, 2010 Karin Calloway has a fast recipe for this rich white cake that's...

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Karin Calloway: Lunchbox Quinoa Salad has plenty of protein

Quinoa has gone from being a little-known ancient grain to being available at supermarkets everywhere. I use it interchangeably with rice, and its benefit over other grains is that it contains nine grams of protein per cup.

Karin Calloway: Grilled fish is enhanced with easy, zesty sauce

When the weather heats up, we head out to the grill to prepare the main dishes for our summer meals. This week I'm sharing some tips for perfectly cooked fish on the grill and a simple cool sauce to accompany it.

Karin Calloway: Kheer rice pudding is a sweet ethnic treat

Rice pudding is a classic American dessert, but we're not the only culture that takes it in a sweet direction. Indian rice pudding, called Kheer, is one of my favorite versions.

Karin Calloway's Vietnamese Chicken Salad is simple, light

...com/karin. Ms. Calloway would like to include reader input, so send requests to karin.calloway@comcast.net. Reach Karin Calloway at karin.calloway@comcast.net. You can see her prepare the recipe at noon Tuesdays on television...

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Karin Calloway: Tex-Mex Sloppy Joes

Now that I'm the one making the "What's for Supper" decisions, I like to play around with idea of sloppy Joes and come up with new tasty combinations.

Calloway: Sauteed chicken makes quick, entertaining dish

Create a weeknight family meal with sauteed chicken breasts with tomatoes, olives and capers.

Sisterly assistance

...your leftover Thanksgiving turkey and ham. Reach Karin Calloway at karin.calloway@comcast.net. See her prepare the recipe at...your leftover Thanksgiving turkey and ham. Reach Karin Calloway at karin.calloway@comcast.net. See her...

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Recipes for success

...and at last Quick Cooking With Karin Calloway is on its way to the printer...ABOUT THE BOOK Since 1998, Karin Calloway's weekly Quick Cooking column...suggestions for side dishes TUNE IN Karin Calloway is discussing her cookbook on...

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