Richmond County deputy used stun gun to help in North Augusta arrest

...who Rollins was and made an "aggressive approach."When Rollins displayed his county-issued stun gun, Blocker tried a "karate-style kick" at him.Police said Rollins stunned Blocker with the device. Aiken County Deputy Joshua Mathis captured the...

Karate champ vying for different crown

...cream-filled donuts. The 17-year-old karate champ is in training - for the swimsuit competition. "All my life I've been Miss Karate," she says. May 24 and 25 she'll...isn't as much tedious work or stress like karate," Midori says. "You don't have to...

Pat Morita, Mr. Miyagi of 'The Karate Kid,' dies at 73

...advice "wax on, wax off" to a young karate student in his performance as the wise Mr. Miyagi in "The Karate Kid," has died. He was 73. Morita...Macchio's "Daniel-san," he taught karate while trying to catch flies with chopsticks...

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Overtime: Hensley wins in U.S. Open karate tourney

...on Saturday. The owner of Martial Arts America in Evans, Hensley was second in weapons in the Open, one of the top three karate tournaments in the world. This one attracted more than 2,000 competitors, his wife said. The 41-year-old, who received...

Other sports
2015 Summer Camps Guide: DAY CAMPS

...Kitchen: ages 5-8; June 29; cooking basics and cupcake funIntro to Tennis: ages 5 and up; June 15, July 13Little Warriors Karate: ages 5 and up; June 15Soccer Basics: ages 5 and up; June 1, July 27AUGUSTA PREPARATORY DAY SCHOOL: 285 Flowing Wells...

Chuck Norris in The Karate Kid?

Did you know Chuck Norris turned down the role of John Kreese in The Karate Kid? Here's the link to that fun little fact plus a bunch more. Top 25 Rejected Movie Roles

Is that the scent of fall in the air, or Hai Karate?

...through an entire day of classes smelling like scorched pine straw, which is why it was common to keep those small bottles of Hai Karate, Jade East and English Leather aftershave in your locker. CALENDAR WATCH: Just two months from this morning will be Christmas...

Bill Kirby
The lingering legacy of'The Kid'

...lot to answer for. It's been 20 years since Ralph Macchio karate-kicked his way to cinematic immortality in The Karate Kid, and although Mr. Macchio was actually more of a Karate Man - 23 when the movie was released - he continues to inspire...

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Recreation schedules

...TUMBLING CLASS: 7-8:30 p.m. Mondays KARATE CLUB TRAINING CLASSES: 7-8:30 p...and Thursdays; classes in U.S. tai karate; $40 per month, no contract required...Elementary schools; $15 per child per week KARATE AND SELF-DEFENSE CLASSES: 7-8:20...

When politics are slow, gift shopping I will go

...now than it did back then.In men's toiletries, you can find shaving soap and mugs, English Leather, Jade East and Hai Karate cologne. My daughter had a boyfriend who doused himself in Jade East. He came to visit us from Chicago for a week, and they...