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Experts rebut 'backfire' claim

...In Mr. Leslie's fourth day of trial in Richmond County Superior Court on Thursday, the jury heard from Dr. Kailash Sharma, the county's chief medical examiner, and from Mr. Newell, who runs his own fire investigation company with...
I hear a bit of blarney in Powell's comments

...I tell you, that was the busiest weekend I ever had. In fact, I went to the autopsy that morning, and Dr. (Kailash) Sharma said, 'What did you do last night?' He had bodies laying everywhere to autopsy."One guy they killed was riding...
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Mr. Leroy Sims (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

...County Sheriffs Department. Eulogy by Honorable Issac Jolles, Honorable Danny Craig, Honorable Henry Howard, Dr. Kailash Sharma, and Former Richmond County Sheriff Charles Webster. Memorials may be made to the Medical College of Georgia, Childrens...