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'Class of 2011' starting to signal changing of guard on PGA Tour

...week at Doral, so it appears to have worked out well for him.More than a foursome, they are friends.And more than just friends, they are part of a group that is quickly becoming known as the "Class of '11." That's their graduation class...
Review: 'Just Friends'

Posters for the movie "Just Friends," featuring the boy-next-door...graduation-night humiliation - "Just Friends" accurately explores a number...affections.) But for the most part, "Just Friends" only looks like a stupid comedy...

...THIS WEEK'S PROBLEM "My boyfriend thinks I'm cheating on him because my best friend is a guy. I told him we're just friends, but he gets angry every time he sees me talking to him. What should I do?" -- 19-year-old Augusta girl YOUR...
Girl can cease sexual relations

...and it had three or four girls on it. I was wondering what should I do? Should I forgive him? He said they were just friends but a girl was on the phone talking about how she loved him and everything. Do you have any advice for this 15-year-old...
Girl should not pursue boy who has girlfriend

...told him it really wasn't a big deal because we were just friends. We continued to talk, and we have fallen in love...says: I'm always leery of people who say, "We are just friends," but then admit they have more than platonic feelings...
Alabama downplays revenge as factor in rematch with Texas A&M

...against Rice for what Texas A&M called "inadvertent" violation of NCAA rules involving signing autographs."We're just friends, guys," McCarron said. "Y'all make this thing a lot bigger than it needs to be."Unlike Manziel, his off-the-field...
Xtreme advice: It's OK to be just friends

THIS WEEK'S PROBLEM: "I'm in love with my best friend and he said he loves me -- but like a sister. And now I'm starting to hate him because he's always talking about all these chicks and it seems like I'm losing him. He used to call me five times a day, and now I'm lucky if he calls me once a week. " YOU ANSWERED: -- "Be happy he loves you as a sister. That means he'll always be there for you and he respects you highly. You don't find many boys who will do that nowadays."
Living briefs

...but the cheerleading and football coaches have known each other since the eighth grade. "During school, we were just friends," she said. "We never did look at this as something more than friends." One day in 2002, a fellow coach reintroduced...
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The Top Five list

...Aeon Flux," Paramount. 3. "Walk the Line," 20th Century Fox. 4. "Yours, Mine & Ours," Paramount. 5. "Just Friends," New Line. (From Exhibitor Relations Co.) HOT FIVE 1. "Run It!" Chris Brown. Jive. (Gold - certified sales...
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What if celebrities gossiped about the rest of us? my house somewhere?" "Yes, but that doesn't mean we're an item. Right?" "No, of course not. We're just friends. Heh, heh." "Anyway, when I woke up, you were gone and I tried to find you and I got lost somewhere on the third...
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