Autonomy for Big Five spells end to status quo

...We're not even talking apples vs. oranges; we're talking Jupiter vs. its moons.But it's not as simple as that, of course...financial well to draw from as Clemson or Georgia. And for all the Jupiters like Alabama, Ohio State and Texas there are plenty of dwarf-planet...

European captain made sure duo bonded

...Tiger Woods is trying out some new courses.The golfer announced Tuesday he is opening a Florida restaurant called The Woods Jupiter: Sports and Dining Club next year.It's likely to open in the first quarter of 2015. Woods said in the statement that...

Tiger Woods says he might coach himself

JUPITER, Fla. - The next swing coach for Tiger Woods might be Tiger Woods.Woods posted a blog on his website Thursday saying there...

Heaney slated to make season debut for Jupiter

...in 2012 out of Oklahoma State, is returning from a lat strain suffered in spring training. He was assigned to Advanced-A Jupiter and will start against Daytona at 6:35 p.m. Heaney suffered the strain during a sim game in the spring, and it has held...

Jupiter Ascending

Opens Friday, Feb 6, 2015 Synopsis: Mila Kunis stars as Jupiter Jones, an everyday girl in the future whose life takes an unexpected turn when an ex-soldier (Channing Tatum) comes looking for her in hopes that she can live up to her destiny as the savior of the universe. Andy and Lana Wachowski once again dip their feet into sci-fi territory with this sprawling Warner Bros. epic. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi Cast: Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis, Sean Bean, Eddie Redmayne, Douglas Booth Movie Details Play Trailer Buy Tickets Movie Review

Galileo shows Jupiter atmosphere has deserts and tropics

PASADENA, Calif. (AP) - Jupiter's atmosphere has wet and dry areas...plunged through the outer layers of Jupiter's bottomless atmosphere on Dec...probe landed in the Sahara Desert of Jupiter," Andrew Ingersoll, a planetary...

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Fault line on Jupiter's moon Europa similar to San Andreas fault

...pictures from the Galileo spacecraft orbiting Jupiter show that a fault line on one of the giant...fault were among several discoveries about Jupiter discussed Monday at a meeting of the American...have been examining enormous storms in Jupiter's swirling atmosphere. They persist...

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Biggest Jupiter moon has magnetic field, maybe molten core

NEW YORK - Jupiter's biggest moon, Ganymede, is surprisingly...essentially a planet even though it orbits Jupiter. Ganymede's large-scale magnetic...Mercury are known to have one, although Jupiter's moon Io probably does and Mars might...

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Spacecraft exploring Jupiter system develops problem

...close approaches to the moon Europa and Jupiter. The spacecraft was stable and information...after passing within 360,000 miles of Jupiter's atmosphere. The encounter called...Galileo was launched in 1989 and arrived at Jupiter on Dec. 7, 1995. It completed its...

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Nuclear-powered spacecraft to explore Jupiter's moons

...spacecraft to determine whether three of Jupiter's icy, planet-sized moons have the potential to harbor life. The Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter, or Jimo, would...potential for sustaining life, as well as Jupiter itself. Besides water, the moons...

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