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Plutonium study won't affect plan for facility

...conversion into fuel for nuclear power plants. The agency isn't changing plans for several reasons, said spokeswoman Julianne Smith, including the increased safety that comes with storing all of the nation's weapons-usable plutonium in one place...
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SRS vies for weapons center

...The NNSA has not decided how many jobs the project would create or how much money would be invested, spokeswoman Julianne Smith said. "At this point, all we're doing is location," she said. Other sites being considered for the job: Los...
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Funding for MOX program uncertain

...MOX facility is a one-of-a-kind facility," Mr. Barrett said. "The United States has never built one." Julianne Smith, a spokeswoman for the Nuclear Security Administration, said the organization would continue to work for the funding...
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Plant announced in 2004 remains on drawing board

...move forward, the company likely would turn the plant into a production facility for its air filtration division. Julianne Smith, spokeswoman for the National Nuclear Security Administration, said site preparation had begun for the MOX project...
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