Stalled 'religious freedom' measure's opponents, supporters ramp up pressure with days left

...stalled in a Georgia House committee as lawmakers enter the final two days of the legislative session.The House Judiciary Committee was to meet Monday morning and take up the bill, but the session was canceled. Members tabled the bill last week...

Ga. House extends suits for child-sex victims

...failed to clear it. The proposal from Rep. Jason Spencer, R-Woodbine, was significantly changed in the House Judiciary Committee, but according to the author, it still provides new access to the courts for alleged victims."It's not...

S.C. lawmakers seek data on racial profiling by law enforcement

...have taken a step closer to securing data about racial profiling by law enforcement in South Carolina.The Senate Judiciary Committee sent S. 48 to the full Senate on Tuesday, a bill that would create a panel of House and Senate members to review...

Ga. lawmakers address pygmy hedgehogs

...law already protects the owners of horses and llamas.The chairman of the Agriculture Committee, Rep. Tom McCall, R-Elberton, is a cosponsor of the livestock-liability bill, which is now pending in the House Judiciary Committee.

Highway robbery

...transferred control of forfeiture funds to county commissioners.This bill deserves to pass. Its sponsor, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Wendell Willard, R-Sandy Springs, needs to resurrect it this legislative session."Finders keepers...

Georgia lawmakers seek curb on cops

...proposals fare over the balance of the 40-day session remains to be seen. Most have been assigned to one of two judiciary committees dominated by lawyers. The sponsors are asking the chairmen to schedule hearings where members of the public and...

Gov. Haley creates task force to study domestic violence; report not due until Dec. 31

...Haley's task force will complement and not delay legislative efforts.Haley's order comes one week after the Judiciary Committee voted overwhelmingly to advance Martin's bill to the Senate floor for debate. A House study committee, created...

Bill would tighten Ga. elder abuse law

...exploitation."We are on the leading edge'' in fighting elder abuse, said Willard, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.State lawmakers and law enforcement officials recently have focused more attention on personal care homes that...

Business, consumer advocates push legislative issues

...arbitration of disputes rather than lawsuits.Three days into the session, the chairmen of the House and Senate judiciary committees told Georgia Watch members they agree with the group's stance on debt-settlement and arbitration."I'm...

Haley: 'My dreams for South Carolina know no bounds'

...legislators investigating their colleagues and requiring them to disclose their income sources - advanced to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, the session's first day. In 2012, Haley said she didn't disclose her former work for an engineering...