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Bringing photos back from the dead

...moment earlier. Which is why some software from Lexar Media is worth a look. Called Image Rescue, it tries to restore erased JPEG, TIFF and RAW formatted photos from Lexar's USB-Enabled CompactFlash cards. While the software won't guarantee perfect...
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New sensor improves digital camera images

...consumer digital cameras that record pictures in the popular JPEG format, which can be transferred to a computer with a memory...Pro digital cameras have the RAW file option, as well as the JPEG option.) At the press event, Mead showed impressive comparison...
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Attachment woes in e-mail can be resolved

...every Web browser and many e-mail programs understand: GIF and JPEG (which we'll explain later). As for audio, the safe ( have to convert the file to one of two compressed formats: JPEG (.jpg) or GIF (.gif) from uncompressed formats like BMP...
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Creating website not as difficult as it seems

...want to use a photo or other complex illustration, save it as a JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) file; if it's a as a GIF, short for Graphics Interchange Format. (Why? JPEG's file-squishing techniques work better in detail-filled...
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Hacker tracks down pornographers

...computers, wiping out the child images. Another program will hunt down every jpeg image on a hard drive and destroy it. Nearly all child pornography images are kept in the jpeg format. "It's so much fun," Valor said. It's also his duty, he...
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New imaging software enhances, fixes pictures

...Alien Skin Software, With a click of a mouse, this program allows you to repair badly compressed JPEG images, remove blemishes, restore textures and remove dust spots. It's one of the easiest programs to use. Studio Artist...
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Remember Mom with electronic toast

...with Heart Disease. These are personalized "toasts" in which the sender can choose from a selection of e-cards or upload a jpeg photo to send along with a personal message. Because heart disease is the leading cause of death among women of all ages, the...
Greetings don't need stamps at last minute simply want the recipient to see the picture on a computer monitor, you can send a 72 DPI (dots per inch), 5x7-inch, JPEG file. If you think those on your holiday list might want to make a 5x7-inch print of your picture, use a DPI of 200. For...
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Critic: Mavica is a marvelous digital camera

...024 by 768 pixels can run to 130,000 bytes, meaning you could fit about 10 pictures on a floppy disk. The pictures are in JPEG format. The CCD (charge-coupled device) that captures the picture has 800,000 pixels. A nighttime shot of the Rockefeller...
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On the move Include a contact name and telephone number. E-mail is the preferred method to receive photos. Send photos in a JPEG format to The Chronicle cannot guarantee the return of submitted photo prints.