All eyes on Johnny as Manziel takes part in off-season practice with Browns

...the first time since a highly publicized, 10-week stay at a rehab facility this winter, Manziel practiced in front of journalists on Tues day as the Browns moved into the next phase of their off-season program.The 22-year-old did not speak with...

Rants & Raves

...The neighbors should be very angry. I know that Mr. Fitz and Mr. Symms are looking down in disgust at their building. JOURNALISTS, NEWS commentators and the general public misuse the word "may". You can read it or hear it said all the time. Example...

Court rules journalist can publish James Brown widow's diary

COLUMBIA - The South Carolina Supreme Court says a freelance journalist can publish a diary that she says is from James Brown's widow.The justices ruled Wednesday that preventing Sue Summer from...

Why journalists make bad sailors

Once again, they held a Paddlefest on the Savannah River this weekend and once again I missed it. I've been there and done that, as the saying goes. Badly, if memory serves.

Pair of books offer life-affirming -- and possibly life-changing -- messages

...are published in the same month. Possibilities, by local author Turner Simkins, and The Road to Character, by renowned journalist David Brooks, both deserve the widest possible readership. POSSIBILITIES IS remarkable in a number of respects. First...

As the coverage turns

...to describe The Washington Post, The New York Times, Reuters, Politico and Bloomberg Business.What the left-leaning journalists at those mainstream outlets have been doing is giving the Democratic presidential hopeful uncharacteristically balanced coverage...

Rants & Raves

...that these added fees on top of over-evaluated property (appraisals) is leading Augusta to (the) path of Detroit. JOURNALISTS AND news commentators, do you understand the meaning of the word "gentleman?" It is beyond absurd to refer to suspected...

South Carolina judge orders journalist to tell how she obtained diary of James Brown's widow

COLUMBIA - A journalist covering the fight over soul singer James Brown's estate was ordered...from Brown's widow.A judge issued a restraining order telling journalist Sue Summer to not publish anything from the diary, which she said...

Journalists passionate about freedoms

...my wife's, clearly goes beyond the copy desk. It applies to reporters and editors and photographers and cartoonists.Journalists tend to be pretty passionate folks when it comes to that particular amendment.Their passion is not limited to the one-fifth...

Pulitzer winning Ga. reporter dies

...than two weeks later, according to journalist Hank Klibanoff, who co-authored...other people saw."Veteran Georgia journalist Bill Shipp, who was with Sitton during...than just brave. He was a first-rate journalist. When Claude was around, we all gathered...