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Recordings round out differences

...all carefully taped off TV. These usually include the standard classics - the Diehard series, Rocky I-V, John Wayne Westerns and an assorted offering featuring a Belushi brother. But if you ask the man how much he enjoys his collection...
Bill Kirby
Expanded column drops themes in favor of best-of-decade films

...Wall of Jericho" scene, it captivates and enchants from beginning to end. STAGECOACH (1939): One of the few John Wayne Westerns not dominated by the Duke's commanding presence, Stagecoach is a near-perfect ensemble adventure that just...
Steven Uhles
In wake of tragedy, cable bumps violent movies

...through its extensive film library to determine if any scheduled movies are inappropriate, has a couple of old John Wayne Westerns - "The Shootist" and "The Cowboys"- waiting in the wings. TNN (formerly The Nashville Network) has yanked...
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