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A Riders in the Sky discovery: Their music is out of this world

...those shows."It feels wonderful having a huge orchestra behind you; like being on the music soundtrack of an old John Wayne western movie. It's an incredible physical experience that translates so well to western music."Green recalled the...
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Classic films bear unique fingerprints of their makers

...trifecta of distinctive style, this is not just a John Ford Western but also a John Ford/John Wayne Western. And not only is it a John Ford/John Wayne Western but it's also a John Ford/John Wayne cavalry Western. These films are so distinctive...
Steven Uhles
Expanded column drops themes in favor of best-of-decade films

...Wall of Jericho" scene, it captivates and enchants from beginning to end. STAGECOACH (1939): One of the few John Wayne Westerns not dominated by the Duke's commanding presence, Stagecoach is a near-perfect ensemble adventure that just...
Steven Uhles
Conflicts of others can be very entertaining

...comes under attack, opened. Oddly, the original Assault also was something of a remake. It was inspired by the John Wayne Western Rio Bravo. CD BRIGHT EYES - I'M WIDE AWAKE IT'S MORNING AND DIGITAL ASH IN A DIGITAL URN: When an artist releases...
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Braves' Hampton wins again

PHILADELPHIA - This is not like any cavalry you ever saw ride to the rescue in a John Wayne western. The two players who delivered salvation to the Atlanta Braves on Saturday afternoon could fit on ponies. But at this point...
Oscar has snubbed some classic films

...punch of City Lights (1931) and Modern Times (1936), King Kong and Duck Soup, both released in 1933, and the John Wayne Western epic The Searchers (1956). On the other side of the Academy Award coin, here are some film follies that, despite...
Year of the Rat recalls some of Rat Pack's best

...disreputable but charming drunk. Never was this character so clearly defined nor used to such great effect as in this John Wayne Western. Martin plays a faithful deputy whose ability to perform his badge-sworn duties is hindered by his drinking...
Steven Uhles
Great acting made the 1950s one of Hollywood's sparkling decades

...performance as nuanced and fully realized as Marlon Brando's in this movie.THE SEARCHERS (1956): Yes, it's a John Wayne Western, but a Western unlike anything the iconic actor had ever attempted, or would ever attempt again. Epic in scale...
Steven Uhles
In wake of tragedy, cable bumps violent movies

...through its extensive film library to determine if any scheduled movies are inappropriate, has a couple of old John Wayne Westerns - "The Shootist" and "The Cowboys"- waiting in the wings. TNN (formerly The Nashville Network) has yanked...
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Recordings round out differences

...all carefully taped off TV. These usually include the standard classics - the Diehard series, Rocky I-V, John Wayne Westerns and an assorted offering featuring a Belushi brother. But if you ask the man how much he enjoys his collection...
Bill Kirby