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Boggs tops field at Perry Watson

...Rob Heilig (40-39), Brad Howell (42-37), John Loftis (36-43), Ron Nash (40-39), Ron Parrish (40-39...Gadapee, Wally Yonce. 9:22 -- Jeff Edburn, Vic Dye, John Loftis. 9:30 -- Todd Scoggins, Brad Howell, Casey Smith...
Bradley leads by single shot

...Gadapee (75-75); Trey Testino (77-73). 151 -- John Loftis (75-76); Danny Williams (79-72); Paul Bussey...Steve Moody; 10:40 -- Rob Bissel, Paul Bussey, John Loftis; 10:50 -- Trey Testino, Greg Gadapee, Landy Boles...
Marchman leads City Amateur

...Kenneth Larry (37-38); Gregg Gadapee (36-39); John Loftis (37-38); Nick Bradley (36-39); Doug Kilgour...Jeff Perkins. 2:00- Doug Kilgour, Nick Bradley, John Loftis, Greg Gadapee. 2:20- Nathan Faulkner, Warren Watkins...
Chalks up complaint to Aquinas win

...I haven't heard any other complaints from other schools, just Mr. Varner's. I think he needs to get over the fact that Evans was defeated by an undersized "single A" school with a spirited student body. John Loftis, North Augusta
Marchman sinks 7th career win

...Ricks (77-80). 157 -- Jeff Edeburn (79-78). 158 -- Gregg Scoggins (78-80), JoJo Mims (78-80), John Loftis (79-79). 159 -- Todd Scoggins (79-80), Vic Dye (79-80). 160 -- Jake Headrick (78-82). 160...
Jackets place close second in tournament

...showed a lot of heart and character in the second round," coach Mike Snyder said. "Kyle Bradley, David Sligh and John Loftis played well to help secure the berth to the state championship. Loftis played a big role in the comeback by finishing...
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